Killing Lice With Essential Oils

You know that dreaded feeling; the moment you realize your child has a head full of bugs. Ahhhh! I secretly wished that we would be able to dodge that bullet as a family, like entirely. I mean, I wash my kids’ hair for goodness sake! How did this happen? 10526046_10154347633425273_9106666046235257587_n
Well, regardless of how clean we think we scrub their heads, it turns out lice like a clean head. Go figure. This is what I found crawling through my four year old’s head. I could see it as I sat next to him eating my dinner. Nice right? In traditional mamma monkey fashion, I instinctively picked it off his head and started combing for more. When I found the second and third one, I started freaking out which led to a swift buzz cut.12485_10154347645530273_6653311468769641878_n
After we removed all of the live adults, I felt a bit better, but then it dawned on me that they lay eggs. Oh geeze! I didn’t have the first clue how microscopic those little devils could be, or how long it would take to kill them. (Lice newbie here.) As my husband turned to Facebook for advice, I turned to my Essential Oils Desk Reference; the encyclopedia of oils. Thankfully, there is a lice protocol and I had most of the oils listed for killing nits and eggs. That’s when I started feeling some relief. I didn’t have to run to the store and buy a special shampoo, I already had an arsenal on my counter-top. AND, I didn’t have to worry that I was soaking my four year old’s brain with hazardous pesticides.

Welcome Home, Hopkins Family!

Three weeks ago, we closed on our very own house! This is the second time we’ve ventured into this process of mortgages and commitment, and even though it’s a huge debt, I have an abundant amount of peace this time around. It feels like a gift from Jesus, straight from his heart. Have you ever just been blown away by how He loves you? Here’s the story behind the bricks….photo 2

Acne: My journey

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled with acne my entire adult life. Here’s my first post where I outed myself back in 2011 when I decided to journal my journey. It stinks to be a 33 year old woman who still deals with it. I had some high hopes I would be done with acne after the teen years! Here is an accumulative list of everything natural I’ve tried so far:

How to Earn Free Products from Young Living

This month in my Young Living order I received $186.75 worth of free product! Yep- And that number is conservative because it’s the discounted price. Retail is probably $200. How do you ask? By joining the Essential Rewards (ER) program. When you join you can earn free products two different















Face To Face With Jesus [Book In Review]


This book is a MUST read for anyone who has a relationship with Jesus. It will rock your world. Growing up in America, I’ve never experienced persecution for my faith, but Samaa Habib has. She writes her autobiography for the reader almost like a diary; sharing every profound thought and feeling. Growing up Muslim, she gives a chronicled story of her childhood, and young adult life. The suspense begins in the first chapter when she recalls her death; a bomb explodes in her Christian church and she is inches away from it. From that point on, you will be hooked! I had to find out how she survived the explosion, and lived to tell about it. She literally died and was resuscitated by the power of the Holy Spirit. You will not be disappointed by this book.

Mom’s First Aid Oil - Tulsa, Oklahoma - News, Weather

Tulsa’s own Channel 8 news featured a story on essential oils! Click on the link above. Young Living is quickly becoming a household name among my friends and family and apparently in the city of Tulsa as well. I’d love for you to join my team!  Contact me for more info.

ddeirdre @ yahoo (dot) com

Silenced [Book In Review]


Silenced is the 4th book by Dani Pettrey in the Alaskan Courage series. Each of the books stand alone and you do not need to read the first 3 to understand this book. I, in fact, had forgotten that I read her previous book, Shattered, and after reading the first chapter of this book realized the books were connected! All of her characters remain the same throughout the series, but it is a large family and she chooses to focus on 1 or 2 different characters in each book.
The plot in Silenced was suspenseful, and while searching for a killer, Kayden and Jake end up falling in love. The plot takes quite a hard right turn just when you think the culprit has been arrested. You will enjoy this book, but after reading 2 of the four in the series, I think they are getting a little bit predictable. Two characters falling in love while solving a mystery! I got it.

A Zyto What?

A zyto scan! It sounds like it should be from the Star Trek Enterprise, I know. We’re not beaming anybody up today, but it would be kinda fun don’t you think?logo-index The zyto scanner looks like this. Its a hand cradle connected to  <———   a computer using biocommunication. I had to test it out for myself of course, so here are my results. To read more about the “how” visit  for more information.

Zyto Scan #1

In January, after I had been introduced to Young Living essential oils, I decided to get a scan because I was just. so. curious. I doubted it’s accuracy and I’m now fascinated.  First, let me list for you my symptoms happening on a common, at least monthly basis.

The “How” of Aromatherapy

Why do essential oils work and how do they work? I think this is the most common question for new users. It felt like I was buying a bunch of bologna when I first heard about aromatherapy. It’s hundreds of years old, but I didn’t really believe in it until I understood the science behind it. I’m a facts girl though, can you blame me?

Just like a drug user will snort their toxic substance of choice for a quick high, smelling essential oils will deliver the molecules of the oil into the body. The membranes in the nose are very thin, and the oil molecules are very small, making them easily absorbed into the blood stream.

Allergies & Essential Oils….. [A Follow Up]

In February, I started researching allergies because they are such a big deal in our house. Catch up and read the first post, and then come back to hear the results. Can I just emphasize how bad our allergies were? Here’s a picture of my husband’s back after he had some testing done. Those big red hives are tress, grasses and weeds. Not pretty.IMG_0161SO, needless to say we dreaded Springtime. For years, I have done all of the yard work because Jesse is just simply miserable when he mows grass. In the past, he would usually start mowing the front yard, and by the time he reached the backyard his eyes, nose and wheezing had begun to make him so miserable he would stay inside for the rest of the day. Going a day without Claritin or Allegra was unheard of- until now. The oils work!!