Blemishes: My Journey

For those that are following along, this is the second post in a 3 part series.                        My Journey: Part One            My Journey: Part 2                  My Journey: Part 3

In part one, I covered food, and how it is the essential building blocks to healing facial blemishes from the inside out. If you haven’t read it, and are trying to gain clear skin, please start there! In this post I will cover some of the things that I tried in the beginning of my journey. Everything from switching my make-up to finding a water filtration system; all in the hopes of clear skin.

Do You Wax?

Bring Your Oils With You

QUICK TIP:  Do you wax your eyebrows on a regular basis? I do, and one of the things I used to dislike about the whole process was the raw, irritated skin afterwards. I also used to get these little whiteheads pop up the next day on the freshly waxed skin. I decided to bring my oils with me to the salon and asked my stylist one day to replace the white soothing cream that she was using with my oil. The result? No more little whiteheads and skin that was less irritated!

Shadow of the Mountain: Exodus [Book in Review]

A quick read! Suspenseful and full of action. I wouldn’t hesitate to give this book to my brother who is an Army Ranger. This book will draw you in because even though we have all read the accounts of Moses in the Bible, this book gives the fictional human accounts surrounding those events. The author admits it is his fictional imagination, and does not reflect history, but it makes the Bible come to life again.

As a reader who does not like violence in any shape or form, I did think the details were a bit gory, but for those who are well trained in combat or don’t have the same preferences, it would not be an issue.

Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife [part 2]

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~Just to Just to review, you can use Lavender for:

-minor burns in the kitchen
-sun burns
-antihistamine responses on the skin
-bug bites and stings
-dry skin
-diaper rash
-antibacterial uses including scrapes and blisters
-anti-fungual uses 

I also promised to tell you my suspicions about how his feet got this bad! I think it’s important to treat the skin on his feet but even more important to try and prevent this from happening again. So I started looking for clues and honed in on the gym that he works out at. Why the gym?

My best guess is that this is a reaction to the chemicals that the showers at his gym are being cleaned with. Within the past month, he has increased his workouts to 5x per week. This means he gets up at the crack of dawn and sweats his butt off. Then he SHOWERS every single morning before leaving to go to work at the gym. It’s literally the only place that he is barefoot during his day. My first clue was the fact that neither the kids nor I had anything similar going on with our feet. This ruled out our home as the culprit. I also brainstormed all of the places he is shoeless and that list is quite short. We’ve decided to buy him some shower flip flops to see if we can prevent this. 

Since becoming a member of Young Living, I have learned the importance of protecting our feet. Why the feet? Because they have the largest pores in the body, which also means they are the largest receptor sites for anything that our feet come into contact with. This is why we recommend slathering the oils all over the bottoms of the feet! The oils will be absorbed, through the large pores and be delivered throughout the body within 24 minutes.

This also means that anything negative, that we don’t want inside our bodies, should be avoided in places like our showers, our kitchens, our floors and our lawns. Yes, our lawns! I’m very persnickety about how many days need to pass before I will let my kids play on our lawn after it has been sprayed. We absorb all of the household chemical cleaners through our skin as it is the largest organ in the body, and most often through our feet. This is also the reason behind the Thieves household cleaner. It’s ingredients are safe enough to drink, and more than safe enough to absorb through the pores on the feet. I use it for everything in my home minus the windows and laundry detergent and it’s highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. If you love the smell of Thieves oil, this smells the same as it has the same essential oils in it to kill viruses and bacteria from your household surfaces. Thieves cleaner
If the flip flops don’t work at prevention, I may just donate a bottle to the gym owner. 

Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife [part 1]

Today I want to highlight Lavender oil. I think sometimes this mighty little oil gets overlooked because of it’s simplicity. It is one of the everyday oils in the starter kit and it doesn’t bring a lot of pizzaz but it does bring a lot of options to the table. Lavender is nicknamed the Swiss Army Knife for a reason. It’s so versatile! I often overlook it and I want to bring it back to the forefront today.

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Dauntless [A Book In Review]

I was really drawn into this book right away. Some books do not have that hook in the beginning, but this one did for me. It’s a sweet love story mixed with a survival and action. What I really loved about this book in particular was the way the author, Diana Sleiman was not afraid to wrestle with the doubts and fears people have about God. She goes right into the grey issues; for example, stealing food to survive. Does God look down on children that need to steal to eat and is it a sin? She balances the two opposite sides of the issue beautifully and we all wrestle with everyday issues like that. It was an easy read and an enjoyable one for Spring Break!

Sabotaged [A Book In Review]

The fifth book in the Alaskan Courage series; written by Dani Pettrey. I have also reviewed Silenced, which is the fourth book in the series. In this harrowing adventure, Kirra Jacob’s cousin Meg has been kidnapped. Her Uncle is on a mission to get his daughter back from the kidnappers and is willing to do just about anything to accomplish that goal. Kirra enlists the help of the McKenna family and as a unit they work together to catch the killers and solve the mystery.

From Maleficent to Big Hero Six: A Memoir

The movie Maleficent was released in May of 2014, but in true Hopkins’ form, we did not go to opening weekend. We waited until August after it had been released to the dollar theater. As we were driving home processing the movie and the story line in the car, it hit me; our new puppy’s name was Beasty. We had adopted him from a litter where he was the runt. Still projected to be a big guy once fully grown, he was 5 weeks old when he entered our house. We had toyed around with names and every family member had their own favorite but none of them were sticking and I knew we needed to agree on one fast.

Learning Value

The value of doula work is a highly debated topic among expecting mothers and doulas alike. How much should a doula charge? What’s a reasonable rate? Many, many blog articles have been written, eloquently breaking down the expenses that a doula incurs and how much her “bottom line” is. I agree with most of those opinions; doula work has value.

Just like any other industry in the modern United States, it is a bit of a supply and demand equation. More doulas flood the market and competition increases, but the beautiful thing about demand is that babies are always being born. There’s no stopping that train. The demand is really more specifically about the growing number of mother’s learning the value of doula work and desiring it for themselves.