Hungry Souls [5 min. Friday]

When I see the move of God, His hand at work in someone’s life, I burst at the seams with awe and excitement. I love to watch Him work. He deserves the glory for it all.

This week I was able to have a front row seat to God’s healing hand. It was awesome! I don’t write this post to toot my own horn, but to express the message that God is still in the business of healing. He’s alive and well. He cares about our aches and pains. In 2011, I experienced my own personal healing touch from God. He healed my kidneys. And even last year, when I was struggling with fatigue, I doubted it actually happened and had my kidneys rechecked. They’re fine- His healing stands firm.

This week, as I was volunteering at a ministry that gives food and clothing to people in need, God brought Polly into my counseling room. Jesus says, “Anyone who takes care of a little child like this one is caring for me! And whoever cares for me is caring for God who sent me. Your care for others is the measure of your greatness.” Luke 9:48

At Safe Harbor the purpose behind the clothes and food is to present the Gospel. To earn a place at the table with these people, giving them living water to nourish the soul because the food and clothes are temporary. Every guest that walks through the door is able to speak with a counselor and receive prayer. Polly is a widow who lives alone and on a fixed income from her husband’s pension. She had some unexpected expenses come up this month and needed a little boost to make it through the month. Polly believes in Jesus and has even been baptized, but as I was talking to her she started to cry. In the moment, I thought she was crying because she was lonely and needed to talk to someone, but now that I look back I recognize it was the Holy Spirit beginning to move on her heart. She requested prayer for her hand. She said she had pain and tightness and it had been hard for her to fill out the intake form and to be honest, her handwriting did look a bit shaky. As we prayed, I did not feel anything, nor did I touch her hands. I said my normal words and used my normal tone of voice, nothing dramatic about it. Afterwards she started stretching her hand and I could tell she was in shock. She was crying and telling me how much better it felt. The pain was gone and she was in disbelief. Praise God!

From my own healing, I know that shock and disbelief are normal. When it’s really real, people have a hard time believing it. It’s just how it is. That’s how I felt at first too. We have such a deep core of doubt that runs through us. It’s hard to believe God loves us. His love is so wide and so deep and nothing can separate us from Him. I continued to say, ‘thank you Jesus’ as she continued to move her hand. She came in for food and clothes and got a bonus healing. Or maybe, God brought her in for the healing and heart change and used her needy circumstances as the vehicle. Either way, isn’t God so good? It was like the light in her face returned and she smiled. God is still in the business of healing.

As I was reading in my Bible this morning, Jesus goes on to say, “Heal the sick; and as you heal them say, ‘The Kingdom of God is very near you now.‘” Luke 10:9   The Kingdom of God is near to those who are healed because it’s the gospel of Grace in action. Being rewarded for doing nothing and only because God is love. He sacrifices for us. Oh, how He loves us.

Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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