A Zyto What?

A zyto scan! It sounds like it should be from the Star Trek Enterprise, I know. We’re not beaming anybody up today, but it would be kinda fun don’t you think?logo-index The zyto scanner looks like this. Its a hand cradle connected to  <———   a computer using biocommunication. I had to test it out for myself of course, so here are my results. To read more about the “how” visit www.zyto.com  for more information.

Zyto Scan #1

In January, after I had been introduced to Young Living essential oils, I decided to get a scan because I was just. so. curious. I doubted it’s accuracy and I’m now fascinated.  First, let me list for you my symptoms happening on a common, at least monthly basis.

  • Swollen Lymph nodes in the arm pits and breast tissues
  • Acne
  • Possible Candida overgrowth issues
  • Achy muscles, concentrated in the hamstrings
  • Temper/ easily angered
  • Anxiety over future changes

My baseline came back with at least 52 biomarkers out of range. That’s a lot! This basically means, I was unhealthy and my body was giving me signs and symptoms to point to the issues. A zyto scan will communicate with the body, and then print out a list of possible supplements and oils to use for health and wellness. It will not diagnose a disease, at least in the Western way we understand it to be. It will highlight problem areas in the body in need of support and tell you how many biomarkers will be brought back into normal range using each item. My recommended supplements and oils were:

Juve SpiceJuvaSpice® is a delicious blend of rice seed bran, spinach, tomato flakes, beet root powder, flax seed, oat seed bran, broccoli powder, cucumber powder, potassium chloride, Redmond RealSalt®, dill leaf, barley seed powder, cayenne pepper, ginger powder, slippery elm bark, L-Taurine, psyllium seed husk, anise seed, fennel seed, aloe vera leaf extract powder, and peppermint leaf. Sprinkle it on food such as eggs, baked potatoes, rice, or salads for extra fiber and to support proper digestion.

If you have ever read anything about the connection between the digestive tract and the immune system, you will agree with me about the importance of digestive health. In the Young Living world, anything with the name “Juva” in front of it is for excretory health.  What I really  love about Juva Spice is that it tastes good; like Mrs. Dash on your eggs.

Inner DefenseYoung Living’s Inner Defense™ reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves® which are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support. I have always wondered if I had some overgrowth of Candida lurking in my body!

Into The FutureInto the Future™ was formulated to foster feelings of determination and a pioneering spirit, helping you leave the past behind so that you can move forward. Rather than accepting mediocrity because of fear of the unknown, using this blend will enhance enjoyment of challenges leading to success.

This result was one of the more fascinating ones. The zyto scan was taking an emotional read on me. For months, my husband and I have been back and forth with not knowing whether or not we are moving to a new state. It’s been a long, agonizing process, not knowing what the future holds, and trying to make decisions based on the unknown. This oil blend was basically all of my stress in a bottle! The primary oil in this blend is Clary sage. It stimulates our body to produce more hormones which helps in  balancing emotions and increasing estrogen for women. Interesting…

And last but not least, Galbanum. Galbanum

Referenced in the Old Testament in Exodus 30:34-36. “Then the LORD said to Moses, “Take fragrant spices- gum, resin, onycha and galbanum- and pure frankincense, all in equal amounts and make a fragrant blend of incense, the work of a perfumer.”

Galbanum was used in ancient temple ritual incense anointing associated with springtime. Traditionally used in Biblical times to aid with respiratory, digestive and nervous complaints, as well as spiritual grounding. It has an earthy aroma.

Galbanum may improve the appearance of troubled or mature skin. It has overall body cleansing properties as it supports the liver. It also may improve the immune, lymph and digestive systems, muscular aches, and acne. Galbanum may be used for spiritual grounding, releasing anger, concentration, and spiritual awareness. Use over the liver, or vita flex point on the right foot corresponding with the liver to release anger.

This oil was also spot on for me. Not only do I have some liver issues, which are supported by some of the other products that were targeted in the scan, I also had some anger issues, muscular aches and acne. Righty-o! This is the oil for me. I’ve since emptied the bottle and have found that I get angry a lot less frequently. I yell at my kids less often and am slow to blow a fuse. (Something you never knew about me, huh?) God had already been working on me in this area since the beginning of 2014. Praise God that He sent me an oil to help me in the journey! photo-2Matt. 12:18-21

I don’t particularly like the smell of Galbanum, but intuitively I knew that I needed it so I just put up with how it smelled. Health over vanity ladies!

A zyto scan be be very useful if you are new to oiling and don’t know where to start. If you have a specific ailment, sometimes it’s easier to begin with that. A zyto scan is good because it can give you an objective read on your body’s issues. I would have never pinpointed my liver as the root cause for my issues, but it all lines up when I look at my symptoms vs. the functions that the liver performs.

If you are interested in getting a zyto scan, I can help you find a Young Living rep in your area. Feel free to email me with any questions at all. A zyto scan does not diagnose health disease, please remember that. Scan on!

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