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Deirdre is a Colorado native with the awe and beauty of God’s creation stamped forever in her memories. She’s an athlete at heart, with a love of volleyball that just won’t quit. She’s a first born, who is determined to change the world with the skills that only an introvert understands. She has a bachelor’s degree in Consumer and Family Science; a social work of sorts. Her main interests have always included advocating for the unborn and working with pregnant teenagers. She considers her most important calling in life to be mothering her 3 kids and loving her husband. She enjoys slathering them with essential oils from Young Living daily. As a certified doula through DONA International, she is thankful for each opportunity she gets to walk alongside a pregnant momma in her labor and delivery. God’s love has never failed her and each day is a new challenge to stretch and grow!

 Breathing since 1980                  Married since 2001                 Parenting since 2004

In 2012, Deirdre and her husband Jesse moved from Omaha, NE to the Tulsa area. They have three kids; a daughter and two sons.  She enjoys being involved in her church and says she can’t think of a better place to raise a family.

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