Ainsley turns 6

The new outfit and new Build-A-Bear

Her very first Build-A-Bear

When I asked Ainsley how she would like to celebrate her birthday this year she emphatically told me she wanted to go “shopping.” I understood what she meant. This is the first time in her 6 years of life that she’s ever asked me to go shopping. She’s beginning to desire more independence. We have been SO BLESSED to receive enough hand-me-downs from friends that I have never needed to take her into a store to shop for clothes. This is a brand new experience for her and I think she wanted to express herself a little with individuality in clothing. I get it, I’m the same way. So with the help of some gifts from family members, we went shopping at Justice and Build-A-Bear. She was so excited she was running down the mall corridor to get to the stores quickly. Here are some pictures from her big day. At the end of the 3 hours, we sat down in a comfy chair next to Starbucks and we talked about our purchases. I asked her if she felt satisfied and she said “no.” She wanted to shop some more! Well, I completely understand that feeling. Shopping can become a little contagious. I explained to her that we can only spend as much money as we have in our hands, and that we already spent what we had. We also talked about how sometimes we have to tell ourselves, “no” when we shop. She was so mature about it that I was actually surprised. She decided we were done, and as we were walking out of the mall she saw a hat she wanted. She said to me, “I really want that hat, but I’m gonna tell myself no.” Sweet little heart.
She also celebrated with some friends, decorated her own birthday cake, and went out to lunch with Daddy. She was serenading me, dancing and reading to me while I was making dinner and I thought to myself, “I would have never envisioned this, six years ago in that hospital room.” It was one of those moments when the memory is so fresh you can taste it, and to think that I would be standing here watching her preform for me was almost surreal.
Happy Birthday Ainsley, you truly are growing up to be the bringer of the word!

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