Sneezing, Itching & Essential Oils….. [A Follow Up]

In February, I started researching the congestion caused by outdoor irritants  because they are such a big deal in our house. Catch up and read the first post, and then come back to hear the results. Can I just emphasize how bad the spring time season is for us? Here’s a picture of my husband’s back after he had some testing done. Those big red hives are from tress, grasses and weeds. Not pretty.IMG_0161SO, needless to say we dreaded Springtime. For years, I have done all of the yard work because Jesse is just simply miserable when he mows grass. In the past, he would usually start mowing the front yard, and by the time he reached the backyard his eyes, nose and wheezing had begun to make him so miserable he would stay inside for the rest of the day. Going a day without over the counter meds was unheard of- until now. The oils work!!

Since March 1st, we’ve been using a few different oils and supplements to combat them. The Recipe Bomb:  3 drops lavender + 3 drops peppermint + 3 drops lemon + 3 drops Idaho Balsam Fir + a vegetable capsule //once per day. They look like this… capsuleYou won’t actually taste the oils going down, but you will when you burp them. This particular recipe mainly tastes like peppermint so it’s not really a big deal to us. What’s been really great about this is that we can take more than one of these per day if it’s bad, unlike the over the counter meds. I can also rub more lavender on my face, sinuses or roof of the mouth if necessary. We went on a day trip camping recently and Jesse didn’t get bothered by the outdoors at all. We were outside for 8+ hours. And just this weekend, he mowed the lawn for me!!! (My love language is acts of service so this was a very big deal to me.) I had actually forgotten to make him his recipe bomb and remembered about halfway through the backyard. He didn’t seem uncomfortable at all, and didn’t complain for the rest of the day about any symptoms. AMAZING, considering his “tests” above.

I should also mention a few other things that we have been doing to combat this season. First, we focus on the symptoms, and in tandem we also focus on the causes. I’m convinced that the causes for our issues are in our digestive system. So we have added a daily dose of probiotics in the form of kombucha to help heal the root cause. He has also been taking Sulfurzyme, which is a supplement from Young Living.Sulfurzyme Sulfurzyme is a targeted product to aid in proper digestion. It supports the immune system and liver with a few key ingredients. Sulfurzyme® combines wolfberry with MSM, a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes, replenish the connections between cells, and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue.* MSM also supports the immune system, the liver, circulation, and proper intestinal function and works to scavenge free radicals.

Friends, the more I learn about the liver and it’s functions, the more important it becomes. I do realize that some of you may be reading this searching for answers for a child’s issues. Only 1 of my kids is able to swallow a capsule, making the recipe bomb and Sulfurzyme not viable options for us. For my other 2 kids, I apply the lavender to their noses, sinuses and if they are up for it, the inside of their mouths. It’s a natural anti-histamine so it is working to counter the natural histamine response. Lavender can be diffused throughout the house, and Sulfurzyme is also sold in a powder form to be added to food. Mainly, we are focusing on getting more probiotics inside of our bodies. Kombucha has become part of the daily breakfast regimen and if I can sneak some more in, than I do throughout the day with other probiotic foods. Here’s an amazing potato salad recipe my upline posted. We’ve eaten it twice in 1 weekend. Yumm-o

So there ya go! As promised, a follow-up for all of the sneezy-itchy-outddor irritant sufferers. Please note that I do not promote products I have not personally tested first. Neighbors, friends and family have been my willing guinea pigs and to them I say, thank you!

YL_ID_alt_full_colorHere’s the link to order directly from Young Living

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