Almost Amish [Book In Review]

With multiple story lines happening within this book, one would think that it would have contained my interest a little bit more, but it wasn’t until chapter 30 that I decided I needed to read it in it’s entirety.

The Amish lifestyle has become popular to read in fiction stories because the simplistic lifestyle intrigues many. This is the premise that begins a reality tv show starring a family who needs to get away for the summer. They learn the Amish culture, while putting up with the hassles of being watched by the cameras. There is a little bit of romance and a lot of conflict resolution. I found the main character, Susan to be a bit tiresome. It honestly wore me out to read about her obsession with work, which is why I had a hard time trying to finish the book.

The golden lesson highlighted a the end of the book was that we are each given gifts by God to use for his Glory. The messages are Biblically based and family centered. I was given a free copy by the Bethany Publishing House for free.

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