An Admirer

Well, it’s week 4 of school and Ainsley came home with homework over the weekend and an admirer’s love letter. WHAT! Yes, a little red piece of construction paper with a heart drawn on it from one of the boys in her class. The funny thing is, she doesn’t really even know which one because she has twin boys in her class and she can’t keep them straight. The story gets even better- as I was walking her to class I saw these cute little twin boys walking into school on picture day. They were wearing button up shirts, vests and ties! Wow, she has one well dressed little boy interested in her. ha

As I was telling Jesse all of this, all he could do was shake his head. He doesn’t even like talking about it and he kept saying, “I don’t like this and it’s not gonna get any easier.” I can understand why he feels this way. Earlier in the week he was singing the song My Girl to her while dancing at Uncle Jerrod’s wedding.

And the homework kinda threw me for a loop this weekend. Her teacher sent home a book and a poem for us to read together, but on top of that 6 other worksheets for her to color, cut and glue because she missed 4 days of school due to the wedding. WHOA, my anxiety went through the roof planning time to do all of this homework. Jesse reminded me I need to let go. Oh yeah, it’s that letting go issue again. Her principal sent home a school news letter and he declared week 4 as the week of INDEPENDENCE. This is the week we stop walking them to class and we start saying goodbye outside of the building. “You mean you want me to let go? Ok- I can do this.

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