Bathroom Remodel

Believe it or not this bathroom was the nicest of the two bathrooms in our home! It didn’t need a remodel until Bomber Bay destroyed the vanity… He locked himself in the bathroom by opening up the vanity drawers and then proceeded to turn on the water in the bath tub. Jesse and I were of course frustrated but more so afraid that he would climb into the tub and drown. He wouldn’t answer us when we called his name so Daddy did what any strong man would do and kicked the door in.
We found him eating toothpaste.
We were left with this:

The entire vanity was off kilter. Now we hadn’t investigated the pipes behind this beauty and decided to take the whole thing out.
Because we often get slow drainage we changed the P-trap configuration  🙂
 We were so excited by the ginormous hole and upgrade in space we decided to survey other vanity options.  Shop! We also found a bonus electrical outlet- yay!
 After falling in love with the farmhouse style sink, we made our choice.

                  Wainscotting and a fresh coat of paint.

                                 Farm house style vanity
 The (almost) finished product. Wainscotting missing from the back wall due to minor circular cuts for the pipes.

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