Blessed Beyond Mudcakes

After the last post, you may be wondering if I followed through with my fast for the week, and indeed, I have so far. Monday started off with a physical from my life insurance company requiring an 8 hour fast prior to 8:30 am so it was well timed. My 7 foods that I chose were:

 eggs, bread, chicken, yogurt, apples, berries & green beans while drinking water or black coffee

My main objective in this is not to copy the author, Jen Hatmaker, but to soften my heart towards God. Like she said in her book, “The concept of reduction was never further awaythan my next meal. This held me fast to the heart of Jesus.” 

So what does this have to do with Mudcakes? A strange connection, but oh so relevant. Last week while I was praying about starting this fast, I was at a weekly Bible study and one of my friends was sharing about a recent missions trip to Haiti. As she was sharing, she held up a baggie with a mudcake inside. She told us how the women feed their children mud mixed with salt and oil because it fills up their children’s tummies and it’s better than the alternative, starvation. My heart was so moved by this, that I went home to share the story with my family. I explained to my children how blessed they are to have a refridgerator full of options and I showed them this picture.

Because of this reality happening in Haiti today, I feel compelled to do something; what I am unsure of. I need my heart to be pliable, open to the Lord’s leading. I find the reduction of foods to be monotonous. I like my options as an American, but when I think of these mudcakes, I repent and immediately my heart is turned towards gratitude because I am beyond blessed. 7 foods for 7 days would be a feast in Haiti. Changing my mindset and heart as an American would be a miracle. Lord, have your way.


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