boys, boys, boys

I love hearing about Ainsley’s days at school. Why? I think it’s because she has the social structure of her class figured out already and she likes to tell me all the stories about who did what and so on. It’s much like facebook. Observing from afar the social decisions of others. So she has a friend named Caroline who constantly gets into trouble. From what Ainsley tells me, she goes to see the principal quite often. Yikes! Why is she hanging out with her? Lord only knows. Then there’s these rules about the monkey bars and this big kid who stands next to them and tells you whether or not your allowed to play on them. Bully much? Yikes. Then there’s these two other girls in her class that “broke up” with each other. Ainsley felt sad for them. It’s just all so interesting until you’re the one in the middle of all the drama. It’s all so real world. So my point to this blog is to record memories for future scrapbooks so I’ll get to the point. Ainsley told me a secret the other day. Some boy named JJ has been trying to kiss her on the playground. Ugggh! I could kill the kid. She said her friends “stick up” for her and distract him while she runs away and avoids the little twerp. Of course her Daddy was not very happy to hear this. And so it begins… the social structure of admiration, courting, and marriage. Do I want Ainsley to have to deal with this, no, not at such a young age, but after we had our talk about kissing and boys, I’m glad we’re dealing with this at such a young age. It opens the door for communication and boundary setting and social skills. Her goal is to tell him NO with her words the next time he tries to kiss her. I’m proud of my little girl, I’m scared for what these new social situations hold, but it’s all part of teaching the little birds how to fly out of the nest. And just when we think we are all alone, we know we’re not.


“He (God) was like an Eagle hovering over it’s nest, overshadowing it’s young. Then spreading it’s wings, lifting them into the air, teaching them to fly. God alone led them, there was not a foreign god in sight.” Deut. 32:10-14

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