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Blemishes And Non Cystic Acne: My Journey

Why don’t you just wash your face?

Most people think that people with acne just have dirty skin. That’s more than likely not the case. In fact, most people that I know who suffer from blemishes over wash their face because we are still trying to clear it from the outside in. Remember, it’s an internal process. I’ve tried every cleansing program available in the drug store and none of them worked. In fact, most of them led to over-drying my skin. I started out with dry skin naturally, but these products made it worse. This is the number one mistake of people who have this problem! We dry out the skin which leads to the skin needing to produce more sebum, (oil) to balance the dry factor. Over production of sebum can lead to more blemishes.

Generally there are three causes for acne; bacteria on the skin, food intolerances and hormone imbalance. Bacteria can play a part in some acne which is why it’s important to cleanse the skin, but not with harsh cleansers. I’ve found that the bar soaps with MINIMAL ingredients, like 5 or less, usually work just as well as the over priced stuff. There’s a bar called Grandma’s acne bar that is gentle. I also have found soaps at my local health food store. If they have ingredients like coconut oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and essential oils you have found a winner! I personally like the bars from Young Living.3675 3678
The other product that I have found extrememly hydrating for the skin is the lavender lotion. As I said before, I have very dry skin and this stuff is hydrating enough for daily wear without feeling like you have butter on your face.5201 It has at least 5 essential oils in it, along with other high quality ingredients including Aloe Vera, kelp, wolfberry, vitamin E, p-Anisic Acid, and Hydrolyzed Silk. Trust me, you can feel the silk in there!

Lavender, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Lemon & Rosemary




The Berkey Water Filtration System

Water is one of the other foundational elements of good nutrition. Drinking dirty water can have catastrophic effects on your health and can even lead to death in some countries. We are fortunate in the USA to have generally clean tap water, but if you stop to read the official report that your water company is required to send you once per year, you will see what’s lurking beneath the surface. Chlorine, arsenic and other chemicals can all be found in “acceptable” amounts in your drinking water. This is why they send out that report to you every year- to prove that the level of arsenic is minimal.  The Berkey water system filters out all of those chemicals while leaving behind all of the minerals using a charcoal filter.

Read more here: On the Importance of Water (H2O Pt. 2)



For those that are following along, this is the second post in a 3 part series.

My Journey: Part 1            My Journey: Part 2                  My Journey: Part 3

In part one, I covered food, and how it is the essential building blocks to healing facial blemishes from the inside out. If you haven’t read it, and are trying to gain clear skin, please start there! In this post I will cover some of the things that I tried in the beginning of my journey. Everything from switching my make-up to finding a water filtration system; all in the hopes of clear skin. In part three, I talk about hormones and the products I use to gain clear skin.

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On the Importance of Water (H2O Pt. 2)

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 “We recently moved into a new city which means new water, and let me tell you, I can taste the chlorine. YUCK  Brushing my teeth has become an exercise in trying not to gag and I can smell the chlorine when I wash the dishes; it’s like being at the pool. After my Berkey gets done with this water, it is chlorine free and I am so thankful for it’s mighty filtration system.”

Last year around this time, I wrote this about the Berkey filtration system. Read Part 1. And chances are if you’ve ever visited my home you will see a large, silver Berkey sitting on my counter top. Last week we experienced a boil order in this new city. Not too fun at’t know what a boil order is? Well, out of no where, the city that you live in has every news reporter and media outlet trying to get the message out that you and your family Cannot.Drink.The.Water. It’s one of those things where you never think it’s gonna happen until it does. It catches you by complete surprise, and you are at the mercy of the city water officials. Every ounce of water that is to be consumed by humans must be boiled first. That means water for coffee and cooking your morning oatmeal. Water for your children’s sippy cups and water for tonight’s pasta. It’s also not recommended that you bathe in the water either.

A boil order turns the city upside down. All of the restaurants close because, without water, they cannot abide by health code. The grocery store shelves are emptied of bottled water within the first few hours of the boil order. Swimming pools and water parks are closed. Even car washes come to a halt, due to the unknown threat of dirty water. Everyone is at the mercy of the repair teams working hard to fix the problem.

What I learned from all of this is that water, clean, drinkable, bathable water is kind of a big deal.

Thankfully we had a Berkey, and I had peace of mind that it was filtering all of the yuck out of the water. But how do you know that it does what it actually says it does? At first smell. I mean, you can smell the chlorine before and lack of it after the Berkey gets a hold of my water. I found another testimonial of what the Berkey can do. It comes from Haiti. haiti51“I led a small group of US paramedics into Haiti, where contaminated water is a big problem. The Berkey sport bottles preform as advertised! Test kits showed the water to be contaminant free and safe!”Sport-Berkey-Water-Bottle

If you are at all thinking about buying one, may I suggest you start with the Berkey Sport bottle? It’s that blue bottle hanging around the paramedic’s neck in the picture. My first experience was with the sport bottle. I enjoyed the pure water so much that my family and I took the plunge and bought the Royal Berkey a few month later. And we are not regretting anything about that purchase except that fact that we should have bought a BIGGER one. We go through that size within a day. Consider one for your family because you never know when a boil order may restrict your water use.

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On The Reconciliation of Stuff (Master Bath Edition)

One decade is the length of time I’ve been living with these two items. They greet me every morning in the master bath as I ready myself. Two long time friends of mine right here. That freesia body spray still has a good two weeks of life left in her. The razor could last forever.Exhibit A: the razor. The choice in razor blades today can make a person a little crazy. Is the 3 blade option better or worse than 5 blades? Disposable or reusable? The options are endless and with endless options usually comes excess. We buy a new one out of curiosity. Will it live up to it’s claims? We buy another new one because we can’t remember which refillable blades go with the one we already have at home. We waste gobs of money on removing hair from our bodies. Expensive little master bathroom eh?

That razor blade in the picture is mine and it’s over a decade old. Yes, you read that right. 10 years old and still kickin. I bought it in high school friends and my reunion has come and passed. 10 years with the same refillable razor blade. Now it might look a little gunky to you, and trust me, it is, but it’s also a friend of the environment. Incidentally I did buy a new razor recently. Let me confess: my germaphobe-ness was screaming out that a decade of dead skin needed to retire and I had a coupon making the new winner ridiculously cheap. That was the other problem, I was having a hard time finding the refills possibly because it was so old? A new decade, a new razor.

I believe all too often in our pursuit of beauty, we get lost in the consumerism of it all. Maybe this product will fix my ugly spots? Maybe I will finally have the look. And we consume, in excess, in hopes of attaining beauty. Dear reader, the Creator in heaven has already called you beautiful. Digest that.

Exhibit B: sheer freesia body spray. My husband bought this for me as a gift in our first year of marriage. We’re getting ready to celebrate year 11. This body spray has lasted a decade! Now, of course, there have been other scents throughout the years, giving me my choice in scents. Spoiled, yes. And I don’t mean that cruelly. We have been entrusted with a lot of money and resources in America. We consume 86% of the world’s stuff.

Annual US and European spending on perfume: $12 billion
Clean water for all global citizens: $9 billion
We could solve the water crisis if we put our minds to it collectively. What if we just used the perfume that we already have in our bathroom? How long would it take us to use up? And what if while we were using what we had already consumed, we were giving our money to help fight a global cause. Let’s say we usually spend $70 on a new scent. What if we used that $70 differently? I mean to be blunt, we are trying to decide which new perfume to buy while there is a woman in Africa trying to decide which water hole to drink from. That little master bathroom can hold excess if we just look for it.

This post is part of a series. If you’ve stuck with me through this very long series, I applaud you. We’ve talked about changing the heart before we change our actions. Well, it’s here, finally, a call to action. It’s a call to deny one’s self and give. We have excess, and we can find things to sacrifice in order to give to those in need. So take a stroll through that tiny little room and find the excess.

To catch up on the back story read posts (1), (2), (3), (4) & (Back to School Edition)

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On The Importance Of Water (H2O Pt. 1)

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Water is vital to all forms of life. It’s imperative for your body to continue restoring the cells with H2O, so imperative that after 3 days without water you will die.

To get a better understanding of the water crisis I would recommend the documentary called Blue Gold: World Water Wars. It will describe in full the Earth’s water supply and how it’s being damaged and controlled. I cannot resist a shameless plug for another charity trying to make a difference in the global water crisis: Charity Water. I’ve written about this cause before in this post and about a friend who was on a 40 day rice and beans fast to raise money for clean water. It’s serious people, and if it continues to get worse, it will effect the suburbs of America eventually. The hot commodity will become clean water and wars will be fought over it. It may take decades before it reaches this level, but think of your children and grandchildren; it’s the same logic tied to recycling. If we try to make a difference now, the problem will not grow to be as grave in the future.

This post is only meant to be an introduction to water and so in the future I will go into more detail regarding this resource. But for today, I wanted to bring the subject up and allow you to do some research on your own before we enter into further discussion. I also wanted to make you aware of a sale going on right now for the Berkey water filtration system.There is a link on the sidebar because I am an affiliate. If you’re interested at all in buying a water filtration system, I would highly recommend the Berkey. We just recently bought one and it will take 99% of all of the yuck out of your water. I will go into this in more detail soon!

Just to give a quick testimonial. We recently moved into a new city which means new water, and let me tell you, I can taste the chlorine. YUCK  Brushing my teeth has become an exercise in trying not to gag and I can smell the chlorine when I wash the dishes, it’s like being at the pool. After my Berkey gets done with this water, it is chlorine free and I am so thankful for it’s mighty filtration system.

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Can $5 make a difference?

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Yes it can.

There is a water crisis in Africa. Women spend up to 3 hours per day just retrieving water for their families and most of it is not clean.

I have a personal friend who is eating only rice and beans for  Lent to raise awareness and money. Visit her blog to read her journey. Can you give just $5 today? It does make a difference.


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Works For Me Wednesday

I found this video on a blog that I follow. I thought it tied in well with how the Holy Spirit has been moving on my heart lately. Someone once  described the Holy Spirit’s leading as a symphony playing a song. We all have the same sheet music, we are all watching the Director, but the sounds we are making are different because we play different instruments at different times. All in tune, all together, one song: that’s the leading of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ.

Interview w. Money Saving Mom Part 2 from Chris Seay on Vimeo.