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Blemishes And Non Cystic Acne: My Journey

hormonal acneI have made a lot of progress on my skin since this picture was taken in 2011.When your face looks like this, your body is trying to send a message. It’s hurting and it needs help. I’ve found a lot of natural tools to tackle the problem of adult hormonal acne. In my first and second posts of this series, I explain that there are three different reasons for acne: bacteria on the skin, food intolerances and hormone imbalances.  Read about those more here.       Part 1       &   Part 2

This is part 3 of the series.


For me, this was a 3-way war. I didn’t just have one cause for my adult acne, I had three. Once I realized I needed to heal from the inside out, my journey began taking on momentum. In the beginning, it’s always hard to try to find something that will work because we expect a one-prong answer. Just like a three legged stool, I needed to support all three legs of my stool in order for it to work properly. The last leg on my stool was my hormones and figuring out natural and safe ways to support my body. I had gone to the Doctor and had only been offered synthetic substances. It didn’t make sense to me to begin adding fake, man made chemicals into my body when I was trying to be healthy from the inside out. It felt like that would be adding to the problem. It wasn’t until I found Young Living, that I was able to trust the products that I was putting into my body.

All of the products that I highlight on my journey have added essential oils. Progessence Plus is a natural way to support the body. It’s wild yam based and helps to balance the luteal phase of the woman’s cycle. (Day 14- end) It does not need to be cycled. Lack of progesterone can be a precursor to many problems related to the woman’s reproductive cycle and lack of hormones. I use this daily.

Joy is a wonderful blend for hormonal support with singles such as Geranium and Ylang Ylang. 

Prenolone+ is a unique product in the fact that it delivers pregnenolone, DHEA and black cohosh to help maintain healthy estrogen levels. This supplement is meant to be cycled for 21 days. As we age, our bodies will naturally produce less hormones, but we can support the decrease like a well made pair of Spanx! 

Lastly, this blend of oils will support the Thyroid. It’s so versatile, I give it to my pre-teen daughter for growth spurts and menstrual help. It amplifies metabolism and creates hormone balance with oils like spearmint, sage, myrtle, and nutmeg. It also smells WONDERFUL! 

For more help on hormonal balance, please consult your Doctor. There are many tests that can reveal deficits and imbalances that can give you an overall picture of your health as a starting point of reference. I do not pretend to know everything, nor am I a physician. Only one of these products has been tested and approved by the FDA, while the others are still awaiting their trial. Please use your own discernment and start slowly when you are supporting the endocrine system.

2009 (without make-up)

2014 (without make-up)

2016 (mascara, no foundation)

Mother’s Day 2017 (light foundation)


Here’s the progress, from the beginning of my journey, until now. My face has dramatically improved, but so has my digestion, skin elasticity, energy, hair and nail strength and mental agility. When you heal your body from the inside out, there are so many benefits. I’d love to go on this journey with you. If you are at all interested in any of these products, please contact me or use this web link to Sign Up. May your health and wellness start today!



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Weight Loss in the New Year

weight loss systemWeight Loss in the New Year

The month of January undoubtedly brings New Year’s Resolutions which include getting healthier. Fad diets abound and gym memberships are started. It’s the time of motivation.

If you know me well, you know that my theory on weight loss can be summed up by the phrase, “eat fat to lose fat.” It’s a real food theory that essentially believes the body actually needs good fats, (avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter) to operate and maintain normal functions. If the body is deprived of real fats, then all kinds of systems are thrown out of whack and loosing weight becomes last on your body’s list of priorities as it’s trying to fix a multitude of other issues spurned on by the non-fat dieting.

When given the choice, I always choose whole fat foods. Your brain needs fat and your endocrine system (think hormones) need good sources of cholesterol to function. Hormones play an integral part in weight management for women as we age. Children especially need healthy fats for their developing brains. So when I talk about weight loss, I always have to give the caveat of, “keep eating, and choose healthy sources of fat.” Your body will thank you.

Young Living does off a weight management system called Slique. There is a meal replacement shake, tea, protein bars, gum, dietary fiber and essential oils all included in the Slique line. The fiber is for creating a healthy digestive system, which is a must when we discuss weight loss. Your gut needs to be eliminating frequently to absorb the nutrients you are feeding yourself. It also helps to eliminate cravings for sugar and salt when it’s all working properly.

The essential oils that are embedded into these products are what makes this product line different than the rest. healthy weight Loss

In the coming year, if you have any health related goals, I hope you will consider adding more healthy fats into the diet.

#mystory As I’ve tried making lasting changes to my diet over the years I’ve learned a few key components. First, real change comes slowly. Don’t pressure yourself into unrealistic expectations because guilt will follow. Pick one thing to focus on. The first thing I chose to do 6 years ago was eliminate soda. After months of resisting the temptation, I added another baby step.

Second, adding foods to your diet is easier than subtracting them. People make the mistake of getting rid of things first. In reality, your body is crying out for MORE nutrition! More vitamins, more minerals, more fats. Adding new foods alongside some of your “normal” ones will produce lasting change because as you nourish your body, you will crave the unhealthy foods less and less. Add in the vegetables and after that becomes normal, you will have more energy and more drive to eliminate unhealthy snacks.

Third, get enough sleep. This is critical to weight loss and making healthy changes in general. When we are tired, we crave the fast fixes like caffeine and sugar to help with energy. Lack of sleep will be your ultimate enemy when making lasting change.

Know this- in the month of January, I am transitioning and making changes alongside you. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly and give yourself grace. Change always leads to growth -so stretch and grow!

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Daylight Savings Issues?

Sleep is by far one of the most challenging issues I try to help people regulate with oils, and it seems to really be a problem during daylight savings.

There are so many reasons why a person would not be sleeping regularly! The first thing you have to do is determine the underlying cause to irregular sleep. Reasons include:

  • irregular hormones
  • sickness or injury
  • lack of melatonin
  • over-stimulization/ hyperactivity in the brain
  • excess caffeine
  • poor sleeping habits
  • sugar
  • time/clock changes

Hormones play a huge part in our sleep quality as we age. If you find you have other issues in the body that are hormone related AND sleep issues; a good place to start would be hormone support.

Sickness and injury can affect the quality of sleep. Teething, sore muscles, a broken bone; sometimes we just need pain relief in order to sleep well, not necessarily a sleeping aid.

Melatonin production in the brain plays a part in quality of sleep. If your brain has stopped producing enough, sometimes supplementing melatonin will help. Sleep Essence contains 1.5 mg of melatonin.

#myoilstory Sometimes I have a hard time “turning off my brain” after along day. I get poor sleep when my brain does not rest while I sleep. My brain likes to process the day’s events after I fall asleep by sleepwalking. I do it more often in high stress seasons. Valerian and Vetiver both help my brain “turn off” while I sleep and control some of my sleep walking tendencies. I apply these two on the bottoms of my big toes when I climb into bed.

Creating poor sleeping habits will alter your quality of sleep. Follow these rules:

  • no caffiene after your noontime lunch break
  • go to sleep at the same time every night
  • keep all electronics and “blue lights” turned off or out of the bedroom 1 hour prior to bed

Sugar is a stimulant. Just like caffeine, eating sugar will keep you awake. I sleep better overall when sugar is not a part of my diet.

Sleep Essence

You’ve heard me say it before, FOOD is the best medicine. Foods that help you sleep are:

1. Fish (salmon, halibut, tuna) because they boost vitamin B6 which you need to make melatonin.
2. Jasmine Rice- it’s high on the glycemic index and can help you fall asleep faster.
3. Calcium- in any form will help you fall sleep. If you are deficient in calcium you may be lacking quality sleep and having a hard time falling asleep.
4. Magnesium- in any form, will help you stay asleep. Many Americans have too little magnesium in their diets.
5. Bananas- known for their potassium, but are also a good source of B6, just like the fish.

Valerian Vetiver

And last but not least, the time change period that occurs between Fall and Spring always messes me up. My body hates it! Apparently, I inherited this from my Dad, who also struggles when we mess with the clock. It doesn’t matter what I do, my body wants to fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier than normal for the entire period during the Winter when we adjust our clocks. I struggle every year.

My sister-in-law has trouble sleeping and I sent her a sample of the SleepEssence. It contains melatonin, lavender, vetiver, valerian, tangerine, and ruta essential oils. Here’s her review:

Just curious- do you swallow them or break them open and rub them on the bottoms of your feet?

“I take them like a pill. They do have a funny aftertaste due to the ingredients but I find if you are motivated to sleep, meaning get rid of distractions, it hits you 20 min. after you take them. My opinion is that these are a step below ambien but a step above over the counter stuff at the store.”

Awesome, thanks! I might quote you on that.

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Thieves Oil

11951289_10153526332698232_5695957047608014533_nHow Do I Use My Oils?



My two boys give me ample opportunities to try them out. The week before school started, my youngest was wrestling with our 12 week old puppy. Sharp puppy teeth skimmed his ear and left a gash that needed to be glued together by our Pediatrician. His Pediatrician prescribed “preventative” antibiotics because dogs have germs in their mouths. I took the prescription and decided to fill it at the first sign of infection. I used my Thieves oil as “preventative” medicine to fight off doggy germs. Would be have gotten an infection? We will never know, but I saved his intestinal flora this time and his ear is 100% healed. No infection occurred. The scar is minimal and I am one happy mommy. Thieves oil works!


I’m always looking for great, self motivated mommies to join my Young Living team. I send out weekly emails to my team with helpful hints and recipes to use the oils. Email me for more information, I’d love to have you.

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Not Your Grandma’s Flour.. Or Is It?

What’s NEW


I want to highlight a brand new product that was just released this month. Einkorn Flour!  I know you all signed up to buy the oils because they are the most unique items, but I like to highlight products that you may have not tried yet.

Why is this flour different from the rest?

Einkorn is the oldest variety of wheat, which dates back to the beginning of time. It is genetically low in gluten levels, which means a high compatibility with your digestive system. In other words, it’s better for you than the genetically altered (GMO) wheat of today.

How is Gary Young able to get his hands on this stuff?

He travels the world, constantly looking for new species of plants that have not been “discovered” in the modern world. Once he finds the plant in it’s indigenous culture, he either transplants the seeds to grow on one of Young Living’s 9 farms around the world or he brokers a deal with the people who own the land, as in Oman with the sacred Frankincense oil. This is how  Copiaba oil came to be. He found the oil from a tree bark in the Amazon while hiking.

What does the Einkorn flour taste like?

I promised to always give you my full and honest review of new products. As far as taste goes, I can’t tell a difference from the All Purpose flour I was raised on. My family and I made some chocolate chip cookies from it last night. The texture seems very similar as well.
Our first batch was a gooey mess. The cookies either had too much butter in them, or the Einkorn flour is not a 1:1 substitute. The cookies didn’t hold together and we ended up scraping them off the pan. For the second batch, we added 1/4 C more flour and they turned out normal. Now, we are not very good at baking, so it definitely could have been operator error! But I would suggest experimenting with it for your own recipes.

Is Einkorn Flour Gluten Free Flour?

Einkorn flour has 1.21% gluten content compared to the All Purpose Flour which has 9.2%. For those that are sensitive to gluten, this might be a good alternative for you.

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Sore Muscles?

Post Workout Relief

Deep Relief

Do you need some relief for sore muscles after a workout?

Peppermint, Wintergreen, Copaiba, Helichrysum, Dorado Azul, and other essential oils each play an integral role in this blend. The Deep Relief Roll-On has an invigorating and energizing scent, and offers a convenient method of application for forehead, temples, and neck anytime, anywhere it’s needed.

“I use Deep Relief on cramping muscles post workout.  Normally when I get a cramp, that set of muscles will be sore for days. Last night however, I had a cramp in my tricep, and after applying liberally, the cramping stopped.”

What are some other products I recommend for post workout recovery?

Ortho Sport Ortho Sport massage oil and Ningxia Nitro. The last one is my husband’s personal favorite. I also keep Nitro in my doula bag to keep me energized during a long birth. It tastes good and it keeps my appetite at bay.


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Do You Wax?

Bring Your Oils With You

QUICK TIP:  Eyebrow waxing is on my to do list on a regular basis. One of the things I used to dislike about the whole process was the raw, irritated skin afterwards. I also used to get these little whiteheads pop up the next day on the freshly waxed skin. I decided to bring my oils with me to the salon and asked my stylist one day to replace the white soothing cream that she was using with my oil. The result? No more little whiteheads and skin that was less irritated!

Mel A
The first round I tried Melrose and really loved the soothing effect. Melrose has a blend of rosemary and melaleuca alternifolia in it. The next time I was out of Melrose and brought Lavender with me. Lavender burned a little, but I chose it for it’s benefits on the skin. Around Christmas time, I chose Myrrh for the same beneficial effects and it was bit sticky on the skin, but overall soothing. Last week I tried Melaleuca A, (tea tree) and I loved it! It gave me that cooling sensation on the skin that I was looking for.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with your Young Living oils and bring them with you!  Your brows will thank you!



Please feel free to email me ddeirdre (at) yahoo (dot) com and we can chat if you are interested in purchasing essential oils or just want to try a free sample.

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Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife [part 1]

Today I want to highlight Lavender oil. I think sometimes this mighty little oil gets overlooked because of it’s simplicity. It is one of the everyday oils in the starter kit and it doesn’t bring a lot of pizzaz but it does bring a lot of options to the table. Lavender is nicknamed the Swiss Army Knife for a reason. It’s so versatile! I often overlook it and I want to bring it back to the forefront today.

IMG_2801 IMG_2802








These were my husband’s feet two weeks ago. He randomly complained about it one night before bed and when I looked at it, I gasped. He had no idea it looked this bad. It was cracked, itchy and bleeding. His other foot had similar symptoms, but it wasn’t as bad. I immediately got my oils out and applied Lavender and some coconut oil. Coconut oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I had no idea what I was dealing with, but I figured the Swiss Army knife would be the best option. Coconut oil acts as a carrier oil, and can be applied to dilute the oils, but what it is really doing is slowing down the absorption rate into the skin.

When you are dealing with skin issues, this is a very good thing because you want the oils to sit on the skin as long as possible before soaking in.

I alternated applications of Lavender and Myrrh essential oils along with coconut oil and some body butter cream that has lavender and rosemary in it. I figured the skin needed to be nourished and hydrated, along with healed.
This is just one story about the power of Lavender and I hope you won’t overlook it as I often do!3575
This also brings up a good talking point- most people think they need all of the oils in the entire collection, and if they don’t have the exact right one, there is no substitute. The oils can be substituted for each other. It is true that they each have unique properties because they come from different plants, but they do overlap in chemical constituencies often. Buying an essential oils book will help you learn the chemical constituencies of each oil.
Also- you really do have everything you need in the Premium Starter Kit. It is stocked in that way as to allow you to have all of the major components for health and wellness.
This also bring up another good talking point- how did my husband’s feet get this way in the first place? We will discuss that in the next post!

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How To Travel With Essential Oils

A Spring Break getaway is in the near future for the Hopkins family. Fun! As I’m strategically thinking through what to pack, I realized that I’ve never traveled with my essential oils before, so that presented a new challenge for me.


What to bring?

It would be really awesome to just bring the whole collection, but I worry I would accidentally leave them in the hotel room and cry on my 8 hour trip home. Plus, it’s not really practical to bring that many oils so I want to choose the ones that are most versatile.
I’m choosing:
Thieves– duh! To fight off all of the germs we normally come into contact with in hotel rooms and rest stops, this is my first choice. Thieves spray or hand sanitizer would also be good traveling companions.
Lavender– often referred to as the Swiss army knife of the oils. It is the epitome of versatile, handling anything from spring time allergies to cuts and scrapes on the play ground to sleep and relaxation. 
Deep Relief– for any pain that we may encounter along the way. Sure, we can always stop by a pharmacy to buy an Advil but I prefer this. Headaches, sprained ankles, sore muscles; it does it all.
DiGize– for all of the digestion issues that normally come with traveling. We will be eating out for 100% of the time, which means introducing foods to the body that we don’t normally consume. Gas, bloating, constipation; this is a must for travel.
Depending on how people are feeling the day before we leave, I might throw in one or two more for specific concerns. R.C. for stuffy noses, or Frankincense would be a good one too. I may consider bringing my personal sleep mix to guarantee a good night’s rest. (Vetiver + Cedarwood + Lavender)
46833318I’m also planning on bringing my diffuser and Citrus Fresh specifically for the hotel room. Using it while we are in the room will help to keep the air fresh. (You know that damp, dewy smell that happens in hotel rooms when you use the window unit.) My first choice would be Purification but I’m all out of that oil currently. Purification would ease my mind of bed bugs and surface germs because it has citronella and lemongrass in it. And here’s an important point; just because you don’t have the exact essential oil for a situation, find something similar and use it! Using the “wrong” essential oil will not harm you.
To diffuse during the 8-hour car ride, we can use cotton balls. You drop oil on the cotton ball and then stick the cotton balls in the vents. Peace and Calming or Stress Away? We don’t want to put the driver to sleep!
How to Pack Them?
My oils will be packed in a small make-up bag. Something that is lined, padded and closes tightly around them leaving little give will work. The main idea is that you do not want your oil bottles to break. And if they leak, you don’t want them to leak all over the luggage. Make sure all of the rubber stoppers in the individual bottles are pushed in tight. IMG_2753

Without the rubber stopper, the bottle will leak!

There is a cute tutorial for anyone who sews here: Essential Oils Zipper Pouch Tutorial    She shows you how to make a pouch!  If you have an abundance of sample bottles, (2ml) you could transfer your oils into the smaller bottles and pack them in an Altoids box. They fit perfectly and can stay with you in your purse.
What about Supplements?
I will be bringing along our daily supplements as well. It’s not a fun vacation if you are feeling tired and run down. I will find an empty vitamin bottle and just pack enough for the trip. We take Master Formula His/Hers, OmegaGize3, EndoGize, and Essentialzymes4. Normally, I would take Life5 probiotics, but they need to be kept refrigerated and I don’t want to mess with a cooler. Another thing to consider when you travel is keeping your oils at room temperature or below. Do not let them sit in a bag that will be overheated or their basic chemical structure can change.

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Do Kids Like Fish Oil?

I’ve been trying different forms of fish oil for at least 5 years now and they all have one thing in common. Fish burps! No matter if it comes in a liquid or a capsule form, I have been dealing with the unpleasant aftertaste of fish burps for years. I knew enough about the benefits of taking fish oil that I just gritted my teeth and pressed on, but I am proud to tell you that Young Living’s version of fish oil gives no fishy after burps! Totally true.
3097OmegaGize3 is full of omega-3 fatty acids. These are the good fats that help strengthen the body and keep the brain in tip top shape. Volumes of research confirm this. OmegaGize3 fatty acids are sourced from sardine, anchovy and mackerel fish. CoQ10 and vitamin D3 is also added to this supplement. While eating more fish is one way to get Omega-3s into your diet, it can also add more toxins into the system if the fish is not wild caught. OmeGize3 also contains essential oils of course: spearmint, clove, myrrh, and German chamomile. Clove has anti-inflammatory benefits and is antibacterial. Myrrh helps stabilize the omega-3s in the supplement itself.

I love OmegaGize3 because my big kids will swallow these capsules. They aren’t too big for them, and with zero fish burp aftertaste, I don’t have to fight them on it! Do kids like fish oil? Yes.

Their pediatrician recommended 3 things at their latest wellness check-up: a daily dose of fish oil, a multivitamin and a probiotic.  Let me introduce you to Young Living’s multivitamin for kids. 3215MightyVites is a chewable, berry or orange flavored vitamin that all three of my kids will take. Kid tested, mother approved. With no added artificial coloring or flavoring, I tried one and they aren’t so bad. And, with literally 2 pages of vitamins packed in there, they also contain a super fruit; the Ningxia wolfberry. Originating from China, this berry is what the Ningxia red juice is made from. This is what makes our kids vitamin different from the rest.

Lastly, I would be a bad friend if I didn’t tell you about a buy one get one free offer! From now until January 31st, one of my other trusted sources for quality supplements is having a sale. Corganic is offering their Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil for a great deal. clo-45_9 Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil | Corganic
It’s just one more source for great nutrition and ingredients. It’s good to mix it up a little in regards to supplements. Warning: I am ordering my first bottle today so I cannot vouch for the level of fish burps!
To order any of these products listed above, visit my sign-up link here.