Chigger Bites?

QUICK TIP:  Do you get Chigger bites when you spend time outside in the summer?

My daughter recently came home from camp with 20-30 bites on her sweet little hiney. After reading through a few testimonials on, I let her choose which oil to use.  (I think it’s always important to go with the person’s instinct, but that’s the doula in me.)

So, we mixed 3 drops of Purification with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and rubbed it on the skin overnight.


The next day, we went to church and I asked her if they were still itching. She said no! The Purification took care of those Chigger bites in one application. Now, the skin is still red and needs to heal, but I was impressed with this oil for this use. She hasn’t complained of itching since and that was a week ago. I don’t think it works this way for ALL insect bites, but for Chiggers, try Purification!

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