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My husband has been getting big sores on his lips since basically, forever. They are such a disruption to everyday life, not to mention a huge embarrassment to have on your face! “Don’t kiss the kids, don’t kiss you wife. Don’t share a drink.” These are just some of the constant reminders going through his head when he has one festering on his lip. We’ve tried all of the remedies on the store shelf. L-Lysine has been the most natural of our treatments, but we still didn’t see the kind of results we were hoping for.

I received the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living as my Christmas present this year, with a bit of skepticism from my husband. He could see my enthusiasm for them, so bought the package thinking they would make our home smell nice. Little did he know he, and his big fat sore would be my first experiment! The everyday oils collection includes: Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection includes:
1 – 5 ml Digize
1 – 5 ml Frankincense
1 – 5 ml Lemon
1 – 5 ml Lavender
1 – 5 ml Peppermint
1 – 5 ml Purification
1 – 5 ml Panaway
1 – 5 ml RC
1 – 5 ml Thieves®
1 – 5 ml Copiaba

1- 5ml Stress Away with a roll-on top

As I did my research about which oils would combat viruses the best, I found that Thieves was among the top 3 for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Thieves is a potent fighter. He applied one drop of Thieves to the sore spot 6 times on the first day it began to rear it’s ugly head. Melaleuca was also among the top 3. The amazing thing about the everyday kit is that it comes with 6 blended oils which means you are getting even more for your money. Although I did not have Melaleuca straight, I did have the blend, Purification in my box which has Melaleuca in it. He tried that once or twice on the sore spot as well. The last recommended oil  is Lavender for it’s overall skin healing benefits.

Within 3 days, the sore had begun to scab over. Anyone who gets sores regularly knows this process can take anywhere from 10-14 days when left to it’s own devices, so a 3 day turn around is a win-win in my book. As the scab process is a healing process, he has been applying Frankincense to the skin to aid in the healing as it brings higher oxygenated blood to the area.

If you are interested in combating any nasty virus, I would recommend having a bottle of Thieves on hand. Ordering a bottle is simply done online.

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