Cortisol In the Body

Who do you know that is a first responder? Police officers, firefighters, and nurses come to mind when I think of the damaging effects that cortisol can wreak in the body. When the human  body is put in a situation where the flight or flight response is triggered, the adrenal glands begin releasing adrenaline to help the body respond to the stimuli. Cortisol, is the companion to adrenaline and calms the body down after the adrenaline is no longer needed. It’s a ying / yang relationship.

After the emergency has been dealt with, cortisol can stay in the body for an extended amount of time leaving chaos and dysfunction in it’s wake. The endocrine system takes the biggest hit initially, where hormones are regulated in the body. When hormones are not in proper balance, other systems of the body start being affected including weight management , sleep regulation, immune function and many others. It’s a cocktail for trouble and cortisol only leaves the body after a 7 hour block of sleep.

For several weeks I have been battling this very problem; not being able to sleep and feeling depleted in energy and spirit. My body would wake up after 6.5 hours of sleep and I would lie there awake at 4am until last night. I took my first capsule before bed and slept 8.5 hours. Wonderful!!!

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