Dear Ainsley, I will let you down

We had a short visit with Jesse’s Mom this weekend for Easter and it was great. My kids were able to spend time with another generation, always an invaluable activity. I really place importance on joining the generations because there is a richness and a heritage that comes from it. As I said goodbye to her and exited the airport, I was struck by the new song from Shane & Shane titled, The One You Need. In the song, the Daddy is speaking to his little girl. He pours his heart out explaining how he wants to be the one to protect her, to show her love and affection and be her knight in shining armor. As the song progresses, he confesses that as his ambitions are high and his love for her is great, he knows he will let her down. And it struck me as raw, honest truth.

Isn’t it so parents? Oh how we love our children and want to do right by them! We want to protect them from every pain- the bruises and the harsh words. We want to be the one to comfort them in the nurses office when they walk in with a scrape. We want to be the one they call in college with a broken heart, but the truth is we will let them down. `And the truth that accompanies that is that Jesus is the One they need. He will never let them down. When we aim our kids in His direction, as arrows in the quiver, we do right by them.

We all feel like we make mistakes, and we do. Some of us wish we knew more than we did when we started this parenting journey. Coincidentally, I contributed to this topic at MommysOrganics today in the post, Why didn’t someone tell ME it would be like this?!

Parenting is hard, and we all will look back with regrets no matter how diligent and “on top of things” we are. If I can grasp the fact that I will let Ainsley down, then I can allow myself to make mistakes with grace knowing that if I point my kids to Jesus, His grace is sufficient. Jesus is the One they need and Jesus is the One I need- he covers my blunders.



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