Do Kids Like Fish Oil?

I’ve been trying different forms of fish oil for at least 5 years now and they all have one thing in common. Fish burps! No matter if it comes in a liquid or a capsule form, I have been dealing with the unpleasant aftertaste of fish burps for years. I knew enough about the benefits of taking fish oil that I just gritted my teeth and pressed on, but I am proud to tell you that Young Living’s version of fish oil gives no fishy after burps! Totally true.
OmegaGize3 is full of omega-3 fatty acids. These are the good fats that help strengthen the body and keep the brain in tip top shape. Volumes of research confirm this. OmegaGize3 fatty acids are sourced from sardine, anchovy and mackerel fish. CoQ10 and vitamin D3 is also added to this supplement. While eating more fish is one way to get Omega-3s into your diet, it can also add more toxins into the system if the fish is not wild caught. OmeGize3 also contains essential oils of course: spearmint, clove, myrrh, and German chamomile. Clove has anti-inflammatory benefits and is antibacterial. Myrrh helps stabilize the omega-3s in the supplement itself.

I love OmegaGize3 because my big kids will swallow these capsules. They aren’t too big for them, and with zero fish burp aftertaste, I don’t have to fight them on it! Do kids like fish oil? Yes.

Their pediatrician recommended 3 things at their latest wellness check-up: a daily dose of fish oil, a multivitamin and a probiotic.  Let me introduce you to Young Living’s multivitamin for kids. MightyVites is a chewable, berry or orange flavored vitamin that all three of my kids will take. Kid tested, mother approved. With no added artificial coloring or flavoring, I tried one and they aren’t so bad. And, with literally 2 pages of vitamins packed in there, they also contain a super fruit; the Ningxia wolfberry. Originating from China, this berry is what the Ningxia red juice is made from. This is what makes our kids vitamin different from the rest.

Lastly, I would be a bad friend if I didn’t tell you about a buy one get one free offer! From now until January 31st, one of my other trusted sources for quality supplements is having a sale. Corganic is offering their Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil for a great deal. clo-45_9 Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil | Corganic
It’s just one more source for great nutrition and ingredients. It’s good to mix it up a little in regards to supplements. Warning: I am ordering my first bottle today so I cannot vouch for the level of fish burps!
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    • I usually only remember to give them one per day. If they have been sick, then I try to get them to swallow at least two capsules- one in the evening, and one in the morning. Otherwise, they take the OmegaGize in the mornings with their multivitamin and kombucha.

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