Do you Want to Make God Laugh?

“Do you want to know how to make God laugh?” I hear the preacher say.                      “Tell Him your plans for your life.”

And while we are on the subject of telling God our plans for our lives, he says, “God doesn’t have to let you in on His plan for your life.” And the light bulb goes off in my heart because for four years I’ve been begging God to let me in on the plan.

Exhaustive prayers. Pleading, whining, crying. Episodes of silence and back around again.

He doesn’t have to tell me His plans for my life. Let that one sink in for awhile because up until know, I’ve felt entitled to know them. Entitled? That’s quite a dangerous feeling, but add to the entitlement the Creator of the Universe and it equals pride. Who do I think I am?

As I was unpacking my toddlers clothes for the coming Fall season I found these.As I sit and stare at the t-shirt, I am in awe of the omniscience of God. I mean honestly! These pieces of clothing were given to me by a friend for my older son who’s 6 now, so five years ago. At the time we were living in Nebraska. What do I need Oklahoma shirts for? We weren’t exactly fans, but I was grateful for the free clothing. My older son wore them, and I had a nagging feeling I needed to keep all of his clothes. Why? I really didn’t want any more kids. Fast forward and I’m pregnant, awaiting the arrival of the gender surprise baby, but I still chose to keep the clothes. It’s a boy! Praise the Lord because now I can clothe this child with hand-me-downs for the

All the while, I’m pleading with God for a glimpse into our future.

We arrive in Oklahoma two years later on the heels of a job transfer and these articles of clothing are light years forgotten about until this week. I open the box and laugh at God. In his omniscience, He knew about this move and perfectly timed a son’s 3T size chart.

He knew. He always knows. He has been laughing at my all these years while I try to plan my life and now He gives me a chance to laugh at Him.

Sarah laughed at God in Genesis when she overhears the Lord’s plan for a son. The womb had been barren for years, but the Lord grants her the gift of laughter, Isaac.

My mind has been renewed with the truth that God does not have to tell me where I am going. He sees me today, just as I am, and that is enough.

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