Do You Wax?

Bring Your Oils With You

QUICK TIP:  Eyebrow waxing is on my to do list on a regular basis. One of the things I used to dislike about the whole process was the raw, irritated skin afterwards. I also used to get these little whiteheads pop up the next day on the freshly waxed skin. I decided to bring my oils with me to the salon and asked my stylist one day to replace the white soothing cream that she was using with my oil. The result? No more little whiteheads and skin that was less irritated!

The first round I tried Melrose and really loved the soothing effect. Melrose has a blend of rosemary and Melaleuca Alternifolia in it. The next time I was out of Melrose and brought Lavender with me. Lavender burned a little, but I chose it for it’s benefits on the skin. Around Christmas time, I chose Myrrh for the same beneficial effects and it was bit sticky on the skin, but overall soothing. Last week I tried Melaleuca A, (tea tree) and I loved it! It gave me that cooling sensation on the skin that I was looking for.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with your Young Living oils and bring them with you!  Your brows will thank you!



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