Fashioned To Reign [Book In Review]

In the book, Fashioned to Reign, the author goes through a very slow process of dissecting Adam and Eve’s relationship and the timeline and happenings in the Garden of Eden. Before doing so, he states, “this Genesis story I am about to tell is the way I imagined Adam recounting it.” And the chapter follows with a lot of details that he interjects into the story, that quite simply aren’t in the Bible. Although it was interesting to read and imagine, I had to continue to remind myself of fact vs. fiction. A lot of the details were far reaching and by all accounts could be wrong. Given that, it was a nice fictional recount of the story of Adam and Eve.

I agree with the author’s main objective, which is to encourage women in their walk with the Lord by retelling stories of amazing history makers who happen to be women as well. And I also agree with him that it can be a sore subject in the church at large, igniting lots of heavy debates. So, I appreciate the fact that the author was willing to take on such a topic.
Throughout the book, he continues to state, “stay with me here.” For me, that was a red flag to pause, and decide whether or not I wanted to keep reading. I hope as previously published author, he would have enough confidence to leave those reassurances out of the next book. Overall, it just made me question whether or not I was wasting my time, and if other readers had given up on the book?

There were also a lot of statements throughout the chapters that told me to put my thinking cap on and question whether or not I agreed with what he was stating. He would say, “Let’s just assume,” or “I propose.” I interpreted these words as, here’s my version and do you agree? I would caution everyone reading this book to take most of his ideas and weigh them with the truth. Decide whether or not you agree with the author before just accepting it all plainly.

The best quality of this book were the short excerpts in between the chapters written about pivotal women in history. I really enjoyed them and their biographical nature.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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  • It gives me hope that books like this exist; there are people writing about these issues, which are almost always viewed as taboo within a church setting especially, who may give hope, power, and confidence to women everywhere to rise to their potential.

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