Fire & Ice [Book In Review]

In the book Fire & Ice by Mary Connealy, the reader gets a mixture of romance, adventure and mystery. Bailey Wilde lives up to her name as a tomboy of sorts. She is an independent woman that finds love and her greatest desire; to be loved and accepted by a man. I enjoyed the book because of all of the action and mystery playing out in the scenes surrounding Gage and Bailey’s romance. The only predictable part of the book was the ending. We all love a positive, textbook ending, but it was predictable.

This is not the first book I’ve read from this author. She writes well and does not leave the reader wondering about details. She’s succinct enough that I also do not feel like skipping the page because there is too much detail. I plan on looking up the other books in this series, Wild At Heart, to catch up on the stories that go in tandem with this one. Worth the relaxing read on the couch for a Saturday afternoon!

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