First Day of School 2011

My two oldest kids are 16 months apart. It was rough when they were younger because they were so close in age. Ainsley was walking when Ashden was born, a little gift from above I think, but the summer he was born we stayed inside and watched Sesame Street… A LOT.

I remembered those days as I was walking away from their classrooms. I remembered that when they were still babies, the thought of this day, TODAY, brought me comfort. And then I laughed at myself because I was bawling.

How could I have been so wrong as a new Mom?
Well, I give myself some grace because I was sleep deprived and hungry and nursing and well, you get the point here. But somehow, the thought of my two kids going off to school brought me comfort and now it just brings lots of tears.
I’m sure this post is way too mushy for most people, but I love my kids and now that I’m past all the sleep deprivation, I really miss them and it’s only been 2 hours. It’s like my heart is just totally exposed in the big world.

 I understand now that the things that I thought would be helpful, really weren’t at all helpful. Just when we think the grass is greener on the other side, we learn that it really is not.

 Anxiously awaiting three o’clock,

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