Food On Your Face Pt: 2

Just a quick update on how the Crunchy Betty’s Food on Your Face for Acne and Oily Skin theory is going…. (to read the first post for some background info go here)
 Christmas Eve
 (6 weeks from the start date w/makeup)
This week
 (8 weeks make-up less)
So what do you think? Are Crunchy Betty’s techniques working? I think so. My face feels more hydrated and clean although after the honey wash I do need to add a little extra moisture.
My routine consists of washing with raw honey in the morning shower. I love honey in the morning because it gently exfoliates and it has antibacterial properties. Afterwards I moisturize with jojoba oil.
In the evening I use the oil cleansing method to remove make-up. My current oil combination is
2 parts castor oil
 1 part grapeseed oil
 3 drops of peppermint essential oil
I added the peppermint oil because peppermint decreases swelling and redness in the body in general. Logically I hoped it would help with some of the redness in my T-zone. My oil cleansing combination could change soon just because I would like to see an even clearer result so I may play around with other oils.  I would also like to incorporate a facial mask once a week into the routine. A few other tips that are recommended by Crunchy Betty for acne include taking a zinc supplement, using mineral make-up and giving your face a “day off.” I’ve incorporated all three of these into my routine as well. More updates to come!I also found another blogger who I follow writing about her experience with the Oil Cleansing method. Read her post at
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