Healed {one year later}

The power of the grave is something no one overcomes on their own. Death meets us all eventually.
What man can live and not see death, or save himself from thepowerofthegrave ? Psalm 89:48
Organizing my medical paperwork prior to mtg. w/the specialist
A year ago I was facing kidney failure, until one morning while talking to my Creator I was healed. Go here to read the full story. God healed my kidneys, and still one year later they are fully functioning without any signs of decay. In February, I retested for that life insurance policy with new lab work. Simultaneously, I also had a wellness visit and blood testing done with my midwife. Both test results from independent sources were normal. His love never fails.
As we approach Good Friday, we must pause to remember that Jesus also faced Death. He died. We materialize the celebration of Easter so much that sometimes we get caught up in all of the preparations. Dear friend, let us not take on the role of Martha this year. Let’s pause to remember that Jesus was a man with a bone-y muscle-y body like you and I. He rubbed his eyes in the morning as he woke up. His tendons in his feet popped and cracked as he descended the stair wells. His belly growled. He really walked on the dirt. At the moment of his death, his family’s hearts were crushed. They didn’t see the hope that you and I have today.
Hope, is the belief that what is to come is better than what is now. Hope does not disappoint us, when it’s foundation is in Jesus. We have hope because He died and was resurrected. Easter is the celebration of hope and a gratitude of remembrance for what Jesus did.
Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Because of his great mercy he gave us new life by raising Jesus Christ from death. This fills us with a living hope. 1Peter 1:3 
Is there a situation that you are you facing today that feels hopeless? Don’t loose hope, God is the God who sees. Hagar calls him that while talking to an angel of the LORD in the desert in Genesis 16.  He sees your pain, and He’s the God of second chances. There is hope for healing. 



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  • 1) I am thankful that I woke up felnlig like it was Christmas all over again.2) I am thankful that GOD has brought my sister Cindy and I back together again. Its just so good that I’m not alone anymore.3) I am thankful that GOD is not only healing one of my afflictions, but He is healing many at the same time.4) I am thankful that I not only hear God’s voice but that I have a very special close relationship with Him as well. Thank you King Jesus for this gift. I pray for all who do not hear His voice for I was once the same way. For when I learned to shut up and listen, that’s when I learned.5) I am thankful for one more day to do God’s will.

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