How To Beat A UTI… Naturally

Last weekend my 7 year old was going to the bathroom, A LOT. I noticed he used the bathroom 4 times in 2 hours. When I asked him if his tummy hurt, he said no, but it’s hard to go pee! I knew exactly what the problem was right away and looked up bladder infection in my EODR (Essential Oil Desk Reference.)

The oils and supplements listed to treat a Urinary Tract Infection included:
Myrrh                                                   Endoflex
Spikenard                                            RC
Lemon                                                 Melrose
Melissa                                                Purification
Mountain Savory                                 Thieves
Thyme                                                 K & B  (Kidney & Bladder)
Rosemary                                            Immupro
Clove                                                   Alkalime
Tea Tree (Melaleuca A.)







I gave my son the K&B supplement twice a day, which I happened to have in my supplement storage from a past UTI that I had been healing from. It was exactly what I needed with ingredients like juniper, parsley, dandelion and royal jelly to work on the UTI from the inside out. I used most of the oils listed above topically on the abdomen as well as Juva Flex on his kidney area and Ninxia Red as a morning supplement.
On Monday morning we went to the Pediatrician, to check on the infection and possibly recieve the standard antibiotics. (I do still use them when necessary but this child happens to be allergic to penicillin.) The Dr. reported that the urine sample was clean and as long as the other symptoms were subsiding as the week progressed, “whatever” we were doing was working. No antibiotics needed! 

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