How to Earn Free Products from Young Living

This month in my Young Living order I received $186.75 worth of free product! Yep- And that number is conservative because it’s the discounted price. Retail is probably $200. How do you ask? By joining the Essential Rewards (ER) program. When you join you can earn free products two different















A.) When I order products from Young Living after I have signed up for the ER program, I earn “points” that accumulate in my account for future use. I earn 10% of any purchase back for the first few months, and at any time, I can cash in my points for free oils. It’s a dollar for dollar ratio when you go to cash it in. This month I cashed in about 75 points for Stress Away, Lavender, and Vetiver.

B.) The other way to earn free product is by buying in volume. Much like the logic for most retail grocery warehouses, the more I buy, the more free product the company gives away. Each month the promotional items change. For the month of June:

Buying $190 worth of products earns me free Lemon, Citrus Fresh & Purification

Buying $250 worth earns me an extra $25 in ER points to use for future stuff plus all of the oils above.

Buying $300 worth of product earns me free Sulfurzyme, Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Purification and $25 in ER points to use for future products.10257030_673835866028563_5869632997762471925_n

And here’s the best part, if you want to earn the monthly promotions twice- you can! Let’s say the free oils that were included in the $190 PV (product volume) deal were your absolute favorites. Young Living gives you the option to place two separate orders for a total of 6 free bottles. It’s an online buffet, I tell ya.

So, obviously for the month of June, I spent $300 in product volume, but I received $128 of free product for the promotional items in June. Young Living is a company that is generous and wants to bless people with health and wellness; bottom line.

Remember, each month the promotional items change, so watch Facebook for the announcements. You can also follow Young Living for more info.

If you are at all interested in joining a Young Living team, I would love for it to be mine! Email me   ddeirdre @ yahoo (dot) com  to start the conversation.YL_ID_alt_full_color   #1597999

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