How To Travel With Essential Oils

A Spring Break getaway is in the near future for the Hopkins family. Fun! As I’m strategically thinking through what to pack, I realized that I’ve never traveled with my essential oils before, so that presented a new challenge for me.


What to bring?

It would be really awesome to just bring the whole collection, but I worry I would accidentally leave them in the hotel room and cry on my 8 hour trip home. Plus, it’s not really practical to bring that many oils so I want to choose the ones that are most versatile.
I’m choosing:
Thieves– duh! To fight off all of the germs we normally come into contact with in hotel rooms and rest stops, this is my first choice. Thieves spray or hand sanitizer would also be good traveling companions.
Lavender– often referred to as the Swiss army knife of the oils. It is the epitome of versatile, handling anything from spring time allergies to cuts and scrapes on the play ground to sleep and relaxation. 
Deep Relief– for any pain that we may encounter along the way. Sure, we can always stop by a pharmacy to buy an Advil but I prefer this. Headaches, sprained ankles, sore muscles; it does it all.
DiGize– for all of the digestion issues that normally come with traveling. We will be eating out for 100% of the time, which means introducing foods to the body that we don’t normally consume. Gas, bloating, constipation; this is a must for travel.
Depending on how people are feeling the day before we leave, I might throw in one or two more for specific concerns. R.C. for stuffy noses, or Frankincense would be a good one too. I may consider bringing my personal sleep mix to guarantee a good night’s rest. (Vetiver + Cedarwood + Lavender)’m also planning on bringing my diffuser and Citrus Fresh specifically for the hotel room. Using it while we are in the room will help to keep the air fresh. (You know that damp, dewy smell that happens in hotel rooms when you use the window unit.) My first choice would be Purification but I’m all out of that oil currently. Purification would ease my mind of bed bugs and surface germs because it has citronella and lemongrass in it. And here’s an important point; just because you don’t have the exact essential oil for a situation, find something similar and use it! Using the “wrong” essential oil will not harm you.
To diffuse during the 8-hour car ride, we can use cotton balls. You drop oil on the cotton ball and then stick the cotton balls in the vents. Peace and Calming or Stress Away? We don’t want to put the driver to sleep!
How to Pack Them?
My oils will be packed in a small make-up bag. Something that is lined, padded and closes tightly around them leaving little give will work. The main idea is that you do not want your oil bottles to break. And if they leak, you don’t want them to leak all over the luggage. Make sure all of the rubber stoppers in the individual bottles are pushed in tight. IMG_2753

Without the rubber stopper, the bottle will leak!

There is a cute tutorial for anyone who sews here: Essential Oils Zipper Pouch Tutorial    She shows you how to make a pouch!  If you have an abundance of sample bottles, (2ml) you could transfer your oils into the smaller bottles and pack them in an Altoids box. They fit perfectly and can stay with you in your purse.
What about Supplements?
I will be bringing along our daily supplements as well. It’s not a fun vacation if you are feeling tired and run down. I will find an empty vitamin bottle and just pack enough for the trip. We take Master Formula His/Hers, OmegaGize3, EndoGize, and Essentialzymes4. Normally, I would take Life5 probiotics, but they need to be kept refrigerated and I don’t want to mess with a cooler. Another thing to consider when you travel is keeping your oils at room temperature or below. Do not let them sit in a bag that will be overheated or their basic chemical structure can change.

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