iPhone Apps {Freebie Friday}

My Top 5 Free Apps for the iPhone






Shopkick– This app allows you to preform secret shopper duties in exchange for points. There are usually a number of products at each store that need to be scanned. You literally take a picture of the bar code and it does the rest of the work for you. As points are accumulated, you redeem them for gifts cards at your favorite stores. As the main shopper in the family, I find it to be a good use of time to scan a few extra products in the store while I’m there. The app gives you a wide variety of stores within your zip code and in some cases you can collect up to 50 points just for walking in the store. Yes, the app is that smart!Field Agent– This app also asks you to preform secret shopper duties. In exchange for pictures and questions about a display you will receive actual cash deposited into your personal paypal account. This is not a scam. There will be a number of secret shopper jobs listed. You, the field agent will reserve a job and usually have 2 hours to complete the job by taking photos and answering questions. After the job is approved, the cash will be transferred to your account. I’ve completed 2 jobs and this is by far my favorite app.

Fooducate– This app is very handy while shopping at the grocery store. If you are unsure of the packaging ingredients or would like a healthier alternative you can simply scan the item’s barcode. The app will give you a grade ranging from A+ to D and then suggest healthier alternatives. Sometimes food labels and nutritional boxes can fool the consumer and this app helps to take some of the guess work out of choosing healthy foods.

iCycleBeads– This app really is convenient for the Natural Family Planners out there. It is a simple calendar to keep track of your monthly cycles. You input the first day of your period and the app will calculate your most fertile time period. It will also send you notifications concerning your fertile windows. I really like this app because it helps to keep my husband and I clear on the whole matter. No more keeping track with a pen and paper and forgetting the ahem, temperature so to speak for the day.Kindle– This is an app I highly recommend for the avid readers out there. It simply allows you to read anywhere and can take the place of an e-reader. Just last week I ran across 3 free books on Amazon. I simply “purchased” the books for free and read them on my phone while sitting in the school pick up lane. My husband makes fun of me for reading on such a small screen, but if you don’t mind that simple adjustment, you will always have your favorite reading material on hand.What are your favorite apps? I would love to try out some new ones!

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