Kitchen Demolition

Oh the leakage!

 Our kitchen faucet was leaking 1 bucket per day! Yikes. Why didn’t we just replace the faucet do you ask? The leak originated from a portable dishwasher. We could replace the faucet, but chances were the portable dishwasher would blow the o-rings on the  new one in time. Our choices were:
1. get rid of the portable dishwasher, buy a new faucet and do dishes by hand
2. Install an under the counter dishwasher and new faucet.
 Either way, we needed to address the problem fast before the cabinet became moldy and rotted.

 We chose to install a dishwasher. YAY! My hands were saved from chronic washing 🙂
Onto the demolition- my fave.
                                          Good bye orange tiles
       The cabinets are in great shape, why start over? Recycle, reuse, repurpose.
   2 cabinets removed, 1 dishwasher installed. Now what to do with the left over space?

                                                           Kitchen Reveal Here

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