Kitchen Restoration

It’s been a long process and the big kitchen reveal is finally here. If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project of your own I have a few words of advice- be prepared for take out, and lots of it. It never failed to amaze me that no matter how detailed my preparation was for dinner, if there was a project going on in the kitchen it usually called for alternative dinner options.

It also helps to have a Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore in your area to buy materials from. I was constantly shopping there, pricing materials, and allowing the creative juices to flow. The proceeds are filtered back into the community and the materials are all being repurposed. It really benefits all parties involved.  Here’s the before shots:Notice the portable dishwasher and 1960’s lamp.

And let’s not forget the reason this project began, a very bad under the sink leak. It was caused by a faulty faucet paired with the pressure brought on by a potable dishwasher.

You know when you check the, it’s complicated box for a relationship status? Yea, my kitchen was a, it’s complicated mess of issues. It needed a restoration.

And here’s the after photos:A professional plumber installed the dishwasher and garbage disposal. The new light fixture is from the ReStore. Roughly half the price of what it would have cost and it was still in the box.We installed lighting underneath the cabinetry for more focused task light. It seems a little bright in the picture but trust me, it really helps when preparing a meal. And the other side of the kitchen: An Island.I feel 100% more confident if we ever decide to take on another kitchen remodel. If I had about 4 more years in this house, I would paint the walls in the kitchen a light grey color because all of the elements in the kitchen have grey tones in them. But, we’re moving in about two weeks so that will be a decision for the renters! Every person views color differently and reacts to different hues. What color would you suggest? I’m sure there are more color combinations to paint to compliment this kitchen. Check out the individual posts on all of the pieces to this restoration below.

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3 thoughts on “Kitchen Restoration”

  • NIce Job Deirdre, I am fully impressed, I have done a few remodels myself. Its always such a joy to see the finished product and then to relish in the fruits of your labor. In 2008 I gutted a 1,900 square foot commercial space that was inhabited by a grocery store. Once we gutted it we used 99% recycled materials, I posted an ad of craigslist and you would be surprised how much stuff was donated to us. From Marmolium flooring, to very heavy glass shelving, windows old stair cases that we turned into dressing rooms and closets. It was so much fun being creative and it was all done for under 20k most of that going to labor and permits. Congrats on the kitchen it looks phenomenal!! did you guys do most of the work yourselves? Enjoy it you deserve a break. Happy Holiday weekend.

    • reading on I answered my own questions, you are planning on moving. I am sure that whoever gets the place will appreciate all the hard work that went into the place.

      • Thanks Josh. It was a sudden move, like 4 weeks to pack and get to the new place because of a job transfer. I only have a few more nights to cook dinner in this kitchen, but I know for sure the renters are going to appreciate it. I didn’t know you were into restoration work? Your project sounds a bit more ambitious than mine. 🙂 Have a good weekend.

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