Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife [part 1]

Today I want to highlight Lavender oil. I think sometimes this mighty little oil gets overlooked because of it’s simplicity. It is one of the everyday oils in the starter kit and it doesn’t bring a lot of pizzaz but it does bring a lot of options to the table. Lavender is nicknamed the Swiss Army Knife for a reason. It’s so versatile! I often overlook it and I want to bring it back to the forefront today.

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These were my husband’s feet two weeks ago. He randomly complained about it one night before bed and when I looked at it, I gasped. He had no idea it looked this bad. It was cracked, itchy and bleeding. His other foot had similar symptoms, but it wasn’t as bad. I immediately got my oils out and applied Lavender and some coconut oil. Coconut oil is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I had no idea what I was dealing with, but I figured the Swiss Army knife would be the best option. Coconut oil acts as a carrier oil, and can be applied to dilute the oils, but what it is really doing is slowing down the absorption rate into the skin.

When you are dealing with skin issues, this is a very good thing because you want the oils to sit on the skin as long as possible before soaking in.

I alternated applications of Lavender and Myrrh essential oils along with coconut oil and some body butter cream that has lavender and rosemary in it. I figured the skin needed to be nourished and hydrated, along with healed.
This is just one story about the power of Lavender and I hope you won’t overlook it as I often do!
This also brings up a good talking point- most people think they need all of the oils in the entire collection, and if they don’t have the exact right one, there is no substitute. The oils can be substituted for each other. It is true that they each have unique properties because they come from different plants, but they do overlap in chemical constituencies often. Buying an essential oils book will help you learn the chemical constituencies of each oil.
Also- you really do have everything you need in the Premium Starter Kit. It is stocked in that way as to allow you to have all of the major components for health and wellness.
This also bring up another good talking point- how did my husband’s feet get this way in the first place? We will discuss that in the next post!

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