Learning To Love [Book In Review]

This book was rich in stories and real life examples of the work Heidi and Rolland Baker do in Mozambique, Africa. I have heard of these two missionaries in the past, and I was genuinely interested to read about their work in the “bush, bush.” There is no detail left unturned between these pages, which is fulfilling. I found myself asking questions about normal day to day activity, and then one by one those questions were answered throughout the book. You will feel like you really get to be a fly on the wall in the Baker’s lives.
As the founders of Iris ministries, the Bakers oversee many bases in the surrounding spaces of Mozambique and beyond. They give credit to all of the people who are on their teams and are very humble and generous. If you’ve ever wanted to become a missionary to the bush, bush, read this book!

My only critique would be for the editor; the format was not organized well. Parts of the book were written by Heidi and parts by Rolland and then there were other parts where the reader just didn’t know who was writing. I found it to be much like reading someone’s personal journal. The content was rich, but the organizational format was poor, which is normally acceptable for journal writing.

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