We have always affectionately referred to our kids at this milestone as standing bear. Not really sure why, but we’ve reached the milestone that I most dislike. It’s a constant tumble to the floor because they haven’t learned to walk, and crawling is a thing of the past. When Balin wakes up in the middle of the night, he immediately stands in his crib. Not really awake, still able to go to back to sleep and yet he is standing because his mind and body are so enamored by the new skill. Ainsley did it too. And if I can find the picture I will post it. They get stubborn at this stage and stand in the crib crying until they sit or fall into sleep. Definitely the stage I dislike- toilet paper is the best thing ever, and all over my bathroom floor, trash cans are gold and I find green onion stalks in my son’s mouth and flip flops are the best teething rings according to Balin.

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