Moments of Impact

Last Week my husband rented the movie, The Vow for us. The storyline is based on true events featuring a husband and wife who are young and in love. They get in a car accident and she forgets the past five years of her life, all memories which include him. She can’t believe she’s married and they work hard at recapturing their love together. He calls this event a moment of impact. We all have them, these moments of impact. They are the life altering decisions and circumstances where you look back to to say, that marked me.

My husband and I just made a big decision to take a job transfer to another city. A moment of impact. The fact is that this decision has been sitting on our laps for a long time, informally of course. He’s been traveling for work, (a week at a time) and I’ve been dealing with it while my teeth are gritted and pushing through the life events of the week to get to Friday. I don’t like it.

Initially when this transfer was offered to us, we declined. The reason? There was not a motivating factor to leave the city that we love, Bellevue. We’ve made our home in Bellevue, got married here, and had three babies in our beloved starter house. It’s home. We’ve fought to stay in this city for numerous years by turning down other job offers because of our love for it and the people who live here. We really cared last year about the Mayoral elections. We’ve dedicated countless hours to mentoring teenagers who live here, cleaned up trash from the city parks, poured over the Fort Crook redevelopment plan with hope. This is #mycity and I will forever look back with great memories.

In 2008, we had a moment of impact happen. God pruned us. We left a job that we loved and started walking into the unknown. If you have ever done this, you know how scary it can be, but the Good Shepherd was with us all the way. We had our moments of peniless-ness, our moments of joy and some pretty amazing miracles that can only be explained by God himself. Four years in the wilderness, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world. It was incredible. If God’s mission was to prune us, it worked. He’s crafted us into more mature, healthy people.

And now in 2012, we can leave this city because we know the Good Shepherd will take care of it. You see, it’s His city too and he cares for it more than we do. Bellevue is a treasure in a field. But we’ve made the decision to leave because of the vow we made in 2001 when we said, I Do. To love, honor and cherish above all else; remember that one? We’ll be able to live life together as a whole family unit. Travel will cease. New roots will take hold in the ground and community will be formed. God gave me a word for 2012, and it was restored. This year we will be restored back again and boy am I ready.

Goodbye wilderness, I am following the Good Shepherd. If I follow him long enough, He will eventually lead me home and home in Heaven is where I want to be.

2 thoughts on “Moments of Impact”

  • Dee, I can only say thank you for this post. Your honesty and openness pierces my heart. It makes me think of the things that Lonnie & I have (and are still) walking thru and reminds me that God is more than able. Thank you, thank you.


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