More Than Meets The Eye [Book In Review]

Evangeline lives up to her name in this underdog, love story. As an orphan, and a survivor, the town outcast has a resilient spirit that is uncontainable. She believes in her god, and the love He has shown her. As she builds a relationship with the new man in town, she is so naive that she can’t see the hidden dangers, but I suppose that’s what love does to all of us.

Karen Whitemeyer adds drama and heartbreak at the very beginning of the story to draw in her reader. I liked the characters from the very beginning and was caught up in this page turner. The romance was sweet, and very clean. I would allow my teenage daughter to read this book. There was more than enough action for the male readers too. I found myself dodging bullets on a page where I least expected it. I highly recommend this book.

I was given a free copy in exchange for my review.

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