Need A Gift For Dad?

I have this guy in my life that I think is pretty special. He’s been rocking that beard for about 2 years now; steady Eddy, through the good and the bad. I want to pamper him because he works so hard for our family and let’s be honest, he’s not thinking about beard maintenance or the latest fashion or hormone support. Those are my strengths, and I plan to keep him around for a very long time. So here’s my choice for Father’s Day 2018…. shhhhh, don’t tell him!

Mother’s Day 2017

                                                       The Shutran Men’s Care Collection by Young Living                                                               .


Benefits and Features

  • Formulated specifically for men
  • Easy application
  • Won’t leave hair or skin feeling stripped or dry
  • 100 percent plant-based, naturally derived ingredients
  • Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic
  • Vegan friendly
  • Formulated without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants



Infused with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Essential oils

Idaho Blue spruce           Lavender oil

Ocotea                             Cedarwood oil

Ylang ylang                     Lemon oil

Hinoki oil                         Northern Lights Black Spruce oil

Coriander seed oil         



These gifts will not only replace the products he currently uses with pure, wholesome ingredients, they will also smell GOOOOOD on him. I have heard countless stories of men who wear Shutran as a cologne, be approached in public by women who love they scent they are wearing. Now, I get it, you may not want your husband approached by strange women, but who doesn’t love a fresh scent on a guy?

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