Not Your Grandma’s Flour.. Or Is It?

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I want to highlight a brand new product that was just released this month. Einkorn Flour!  I know you all signed up to buy the oils because they are the most unique items, but I like to highlight products that you may have not tried yet.

Why is this flour different from the rest?

Einkorn is the oldest variety of wheat, which dates back to the beginning of time. It is genetically low in gluten levels, which means a high compatibility with your digestive system. In other words, it’s better for you than the genetically altered (GMO) wheat of today.

How is Gary Young able to get his hands on this stuff?

He travels the world, constantly looking for new species of plants that have not been “discovered” in the modern world. Once he finds the plant in it’s indigenous culture, he either transplants the seeds to grow on one of Young Living’s 9 farms around the world or he brokers a deal with the people who own the land, as in Oman with the sacred Frankincense oil. This is how  Copiaba oil came to be. He found the oil from a tree bark in the Amazon while hiking.

What does the Einkorn flour taste like?

I promised to always give you my full and honest review of new products. As far as taste goes, I can’t tell a difference from the All Purpose flour I was raised on. My family and I made some chocolate chip cookies from it last night. The texture seems very similar as well.
Our first batch was a gooey mess. The cookies either had too much butter in them, or the Einkorn flour is not a 1:1 substitute. The cookies didn’t hold together and we ended up scraping them off the pan. For the second batch, we added 1/4 C more flour and they turned out normal. Now, we are not very good at baking, so it definitely could have been operator error! But I would suggest experimenting with it for your own recipes.

Is Einkorn Flour Gluten Free Flour?

Einkorn flour has 1.21% gluten content compared to the All Purpose Flour which has 9.2%. For those that are sensitive to gluten, this might be a good alternative for you.

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