Ode to the squeaky

What is a squeaky you might ask? It’s only the most treasured, loved on, smelly blanket/stuffed animal in our house! I realized the other day how important my kids’ squeakies are to them, and how they deserve at least on honorable mention in our family blog. The stories behind the squeakies are as unique as my children.

Ainsley’s squeaky was given to her at the first baby shower that was thrown in Fox Island, WA. We were visiting my Mom, I was 8 months pregnant and one of my Mom’s friends gave it to me. At first I thought, “what is this? and why do I need one of these?” I am a very practical person and less is more in my mind. Little did I know at the time I would be birthing a little girl who is the exact opposite. She LOVES stuffed animals, and the more the merrier. So this gift was perfect for her. Isn’t it so true that God knows us before we are even born… Her squeaky was her little cuddle friend when she was little. She would sleep with it right next to her face.

Ashden’s squeaky was given to us in a big box of used boy clothing. When I found it, I at least knew what it was this time, that’s progress right? Well, I considered giving it away and then imagined all of the fights that were about to become reality between my 2 kids if one had a squeaky and the other did not. Siblings fight, am I right or am I right? His squeaky is still to this day the only stuffed animal/blanket he sleeps with. Just this morning he told me that his squeaky had a bad dream about dinosaurs eating it and he was comforting the little blue squeaky. His is all torn and sewed back together by Jesse; it’s a real treasure to smell too.

And finally onto Balin’s squeaky. When Jesse and I received the clear direction from God to have a 3rd baby we had a morning date where we went to Wheatfields and ate breakfast together. As we were talking about the 3rd baby decision, I remembered I had a gift certificate to Kohls burning a hole in my pocket. We decided to go buy a squeaky for the future 3rd baby in faith that God was going to provide for the costs that were going to follow His lead as an act of obedience. Ainsley and Ashden had squeakies, and this baby needed one too. The only problem was it was yet to be a boy or a girl so we chose a nice cream colored one. Balin loves it of course, sleeps with it at every nap time and will drag it around the house while he plays. It is truly a security blanket for him. And so, a fitting conclusion to the ode to the squeaky, I do not know. What I do know is that when my kids are grown and Jesse and I are empty nesters, I will have all three squeakies tucked away in a memory trunk of some sort to remember the good ole days of childhood.

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