On The Importance Of Water (H2O Pt. 1)

Water is vital to all forms of life. It’s imperative for your body to continue restoring the cells with H2O, so imperative that after 3 days without water you will die.

To get a better understanding of the water crisis I would recommend the documentary called Blue Gold: World Water Wars. It will describe in full the Earth’s water supply and how it’s being damaged and controlled. I cannot resist a shameless plug for another charity trying to make a difference in the global water crisis: Charity Water. I’ve written about this cause before in this post and about a friend who was on a 40 day rice and beans fast to raise money for clean water. It’s serious people, and if it continues to get worse, it will effect the suburbs of America eventually. The hot commodity will become clean water and wars will be fought over it. It may take decades before it reaches this level, but think of your children and grandchildren; it’s the same logic tied to recycling. If we try to make a difference now, the problem will not grow to be as grave in the future.

This post is only meant to be an introduction to water and so in the future I will go into more detail regarding this resource. But for today, I wanted to bring the subject up and allow you to do some research on your own before we enter into further discussion. I also wanted to make you aware of a sale going on right now for the Berkey water filtration system.There is a link on the sidebar because I am an affiliate. If you’re interested at all in buying a water filtration system, I would highly recommend the Berkey. We just recently bought one and it will take 99% of all of the yuck out of your water. I will go into this in more detail soon!

Just to give a quick testimonial. We recently moved into a new city which means new water, and let me tell you, I can taste the chlorine. YUCK  Brushing my teeth has become an exercise in trying not to gag and I can smell the chlorine when I wash the dishes, it’s like being at the pool. After my Berkey gets done with this water, it is chlorine free and I am so thankful for it’s mighty filtration system.

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