On the Importance of Water (H2O Pt. 2)

 “We recently moved into a new city which means new water, and let me tell you, I can taste the chlorine. YUCK  Brushing my teeth has become an exercise in trying not to gag and I can smell the chlorine when I wash the dishes; it’s like being at the pool. After my Berkey gets done with this water, it is chlorine free and I am so thankful for it’s mighty filtration system.”

Last year around this time, I wrote this about the Berkey filtration system. Read Part 1. And chances are if you’ve ever visited my home you will see a large, silver Berkey sitting on my counter top. Last week we experienced a boil order in this new city. Not too fun at all.photo-8Don’t know what a boil order is? Well, out of no where, the city that you live in has every news reporter and media outlet trying to get the message out that you and your family Cannot.Drink.The.Water. It’s one of those things where you never think it’s gonna happen until it does. It catches you by complete surprise, and you are at the mercy of the city water officials. Every ounce of water that is to be consumed by humans must be boiled first. That means water for coffee and cooking your morning oatmeal. Water for your children’s sippy cups and water for tonight’s pasta. It’s also not recommended that you bathe in the water either.

A boil order turns the city upside down. All of the restaurants close because, without water, they cannot abide by health code. The grocery store shelves are emptied of bottled water within the first few hours of the boil order. Swimming pools and water parks are closed. Even car washes come to a halt, due to the unknown threat of dirty water. Everyone is at the mercy of the repair teams working hard to fix the problem.

What I learned from all of this is that water, clean, drinkable, bathable water is kind of a big deal.

Thankfully we had a Berkey, and I had peace of mind that it was filtering all of the yuck out of the water. But how do you know that it does what it actually says it does? At first smell. I mean, you can smell the chlorine before and lack of it after the Berkey gets a hold of my water. I found another testimonial of what the Berkey can do. It comes from Haiti. haiti51“I led a small group of US paramedics into Haiti, where contaminated water is a big problem. The Berkey sport bottles preform as advertised! Test kits showed the water to be contaminant free and safe!”Sport-Berkey-Water-Bottle

If you are at all thinking about buying one, may I suggest you start with the Berkey Sport bottle? It’s that blue bottle hanging around the paramedic’s neck in the picture. My first experience was with the sport bottle. I enjoyed the pure water so much that my family and I took the plunge and bought the Royal Berkey a few month later. And we are not regretting anything about that purchase except that fact that we should have bought a BIGGER one. We go through that size within a day. Consider one for your family because you never know when a boil order may restrict your water use.

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