One Step Closer

Ashden has been a terror this week! Absolutely on my nerves in every way not to mention the cussing. Yes, he’s been saying Dammit. We don’t know where he heard this from. What’s a mom to do? He had his cartoons taken away for it and we’ve had plenty of talks with him. Never the less, it’s been a frustrating week until today. While we were waiting in the van outside of Ainsley’s school I was casually singing the song, “You can come as you are” and Ashden asked the question, “can I come to Jesus anytime, even if I’m good?” I said, yes Ashden, you can come to Jesus anytime. Do you want to come right now? He said, let me think about it. As I’m patiently waiting and praying that his answer is yes, he says, “I’ll do whatever you choose to do. Do you want to come to Jesus?” I said, yes I do and I already have. Do you want to come to Jesus? He said yes, after a long pause and I said, “actually Ashden, I think Jesus comes to us but we have to pray and ask him to come.” So Ashden took the initiative and bowed his sweet little head and said, “Dear Jesus, thank you for this food. Ooops, sorry I messed up. Dear Jesus, Can I come to you? Amen.” And then he said, “Jesus said yes in my brain. Did he say yes to you?” I smiled and hugged him and than we talked about how we will be able to see Jesus and go to Heaven when we die. He said, “I’m not going to die soon, not until I’m a big man.”
So, the little boy who did almost everything wrong this week has taken one step closer to Jesus and my heart is full of joy.

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