There are moments when messages are bombarding my brain and then there are moments when I say to myself, “I’ve heard this recently.” When I notice that I continue to hear the same message over and over, I start paying attention to it because I believe the Holy Spirit is highlighting it for a reason.
As I sat in a coffee shop, spending some much needed alone time with my Bible, journal and books, I read a message that made me pause and take note of the fact that “I’ve heard this recently.” I was reading the book titled, The Applause of Heaven by Max Lucado. He speaks about the beatitude in Mathew 5 about the meek in spirit.  As I read, I remembered this post by a new favorite blogger and I started paying attention to His Spirit. She talks about mundane, ordinary tasks becoming some of our greatest moments because they are where we meet our Creator, the Sacred One.
 Max Lucado talks about the shepherds in the field on the night Jesus was born. They were ordinary.
“You won’t find their staffs in a museum or writings in a library. No one asked their opinion on social justice or the application of the Torah. They were nameless and simple.”
 Now that is an aspiration to have in OUR culture.
Today I thank God that my job keeps me humble. Today I thank God that I don’t have a paycheck, a book in a library or even any devoted readers to this blog. I thank God because I believe His promise when He says,
 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth.

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