Rescreening a Window Tutorial

Do you have a screen window that looks like this in your house? I have a few.

Summer is just around the corner and the warm breeze of an open window will be comforting, unless you have screen issues. Then if your kids are anything like mine, they will scream when a wasp breaks in. $35 is the going rate to take this down to the local hardware store to be re-screened. I decided to take on the project for $5.00. (The price of a roll of screen from the local hardware store.) It takes a little finesse but with some patience you will have saved yourself $30.00.

A Few Useful Tips: Slow and steady wins the race on this one. The process is dull and your shoulder muscles may start to ache. Take a break, distract yourself or switch positions- anything but rush the process. The last thing you want to do is accidentally poke through the screen and end up with another hole to restart the process. Try to remember that you’re saving yourself money! Start by removing the rubber tubing. It broke into about 4 pieces as I pulled it from the screen but don’t worry, it will go back in place just fine!

After removing the tubing and old screen, unroll the new screen to roughly fit the space.

After trimming it to size, start the process of putting the rubber tubing back into the joint you removed it from. I found it useful to use a dull heavy object like a file from a Gerber tool but anything works.

I started in the corners to secure the screen in place, just pushing some of the tubing in slowly and then going to the opposite corner. You want the screen to be taught without excess.

As each corner is secure, make your way over to each side slowly and carefully pushing the tubing back in place without puncturing the screen. This is the longest part of the project.

After all the tubing is replaced, use scissors to carefully trim any excess screen hanging over the edges, and you’re done! $30 saved with a little elbow grease to spare.




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