Restore My Decor Master Bedroom Design

It’s finished and I can’t wait to share it with you! Furthermore, I can’t wait to implement the design in my bedroom, but I am a firm believer in paying cash for things and avoiding debt so we will be changing the decor in baby steps! For some background information read Restore My Decor WINNER:
The walls were covered in faux wood paneling so we completely gutted the basement and installed all new electrical outlets because they were not in accordance with code. (We’re talking too close to the ground as to start a house fire in the case of flooding, not up to code.)
 This is the newly dry walled bedroom with electrical installed and a fresh coat of white paint.
 This is the very boring current bedroom with furniture and zero style. And here is the re-desiged master bedroom by Danielle Hirch
It’s just gorgeous isn’t it? If my bedroom can one day turn into this, it will be quite the makeover!
My thoughts:
  1.  I love the colors she chose, they are very calming. In contrast to my red, of much easier on the eyes. I love the cottage style and I think I have evolved in my home decorating.
  2. The headboard has got to be the star of the room and it looks so plush. Now finding this on the Internet for sale in my price range is the next challenge.
  3. I really love her pops of turquoise. How did she know that is one of my fave colors?
  4. The drapery covering the electrical box was genius! Why didn’t I think of that…
Go here to view Danielle’s full commentary on how and why she did what she did.
I will end with a quote from the designer,  “I love decorating in the cottage style because it’s kind of like an art form and an addiction. There is nothing more satisfying when you’re at a flea market and you discover the most perfect piece of furniture or accessory for your room. And when you tie up to the top of your car you drive away like the proud hunter you are, you can’t help but think, I won!” -DANIELLE HIRSCH

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