Restore my decor WINNER

My bedroom won a makeover from
 (And the cool thing about this is that I received the winner email on my husband and I’s ten year anniversary. God sure knows how to give gifts doesn’t He!)
It’s not the kind of makeover where they swoop into your house for 3 days and take over. It’s an online makeover from a designer using the fun tools and gadgets of technology. They will give me a complete picture including real paint colors and pieces of furniture to buy in order to make their design reality. Check back here at the end of Novemeber December, or visit the Restore My Decor website for the big reveal.  And for now, check out the before pictures…
The entrance to our bedroom. Notice we are missing a door. Sometimes this is a problem. Primed and ready for some nice color on the walls. And, yes that is an electrical box, just above our nightstand. These designers have their work cut out for them. We are dreaming of building a barn door with a sliding track for this extra wide opening.
The very plain but matching dressers we’ve owned for 10 years.

The opening to our closet. Again, missing doors. The dresser from the previous post meandered into the closet in between shots 😉
The right side of the closet is mine. Yep, we gotta stay trim to fit inside of the opening to choose an outfit.
 The left side of the closet. There you have it folks, our entire bedroom. Now you know why I’m waiting so anxiously for the big reveal.

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