Return To Me [Book In Review]

This Biblical fiction served as a teaser, so to say, to intrigue me back to the Bible and history of the Israel nation. I have read the Old Testament a handful of times, and always walked away from the books of the prophets with some confusion and apathy. What Lynn Austin does is bring life and characters who walk through the exile and return to Jerusalem. Although her characters are mostly fictional, she does add historically correct prophets, kings and rulers into the stories to give them historical accuracy. As you read the book, you begin to understand why God was so adamant about His people not serving lesser gods and mixing with non Jewish people of the day. Insight after insight was born while I read this book.

She intricately weaves different themes throughout the book dealing with love, forgiveness and following the law instead of having a genuine relationship with the One true God. The beginning of the book was a little bit difficult for me to sink my teeth into, but as the story unfolds, you find yourself routing for the characters and turning the pages with ease. If anyone has ever struggled to read the prophetic writings and understand them, I would urge you to give this book a try and see if it brings new life to old history.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

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