Serpent of Moses [Book In Review]

Truly a page turner and fiction thriller. Don Hoesel returns the main character, Jack Hawthorne, to his action adventures as an archeologist, but this time Jack’s searching for Moses’ staff. As referenced in Hezekiah, the staff has been destroyed, but Jack pushes through his doubt and finds a faith renewed.

My first encounter with the author, Don Hoesel, was in reading Elisha’s Bones. His first novel was riveting and I actually looked up the author on Amazon to find out if he had written any other fiction adventures. To my disappointment, it was his only novel, until now! I jumped at the chance to read Serpent of Mosesbecause I knew he would live up to my expectations for adventure and mystery. I appreciate the way the author tied in accurate Biblical history within the storyline. My Grandpa is an avid reader and a former FBI agent and I am planning on gifting this book to him because I know he will appreciate the suspense.

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Elisha’s Bones (A Jack Hawthorne Adventure)
Serpent of Moses (A Jack Hawthorne Adventure #2)

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