Shadow of the Mountain: Exodus [Book in Review]

A quick read! Suspenseful and full of action. I wouldn’t hesitate to give this book to my brother who is an Army Ranger. This book will draw you in because even though we have all read the accounts of Moses in the Bible, this book gives the fictional human accounts surrounding those events. The author admits it is his fictional imagination, and does not reflect history, but it makes the Bible come to life again.

As a reader who does not like violence in any shape or form, I did think the details were a bit gory, but for those who are well trained in combat or don’t have the same preferences, it would not be an issue.

I loved the perspective of Caleb telling his life story from the viewpoint of an 85 year old man. The author states that the purpose of the book was to encourage us in our golden years. He says, “our modern focus on a comfortable retirement needs to change. May we still be planning the assault of walled cities filled with giants when we are in our eighty-fifth year.”


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