Shattered (Alaskan Courage) [Book In Review]

This book has drama, suspense and romance intertwined through the storyline. The main characters are a tight knit family of young adults who have grown up supporting each other in the Alaskan mountains. After their brother, Reef, gets charged with murder, they seek to prove his innocence. As they hunt down clues to the victim’s past, the are unknowingly being tracked by the killer himself. A suspenseful read!
I enjoyed the Christian themes throughout the book, but one critique would be the over use of romance and physical attraction. The value of abstinence before marriage was upheld throughout the book, but I feel that the author could have drastically lowered the amount of sexual attraction between the two main characters. Otherwise, the book leaves me wanting to read the next in the sequel, if the author is so inclined to continue the series.

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